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So I popped in my Season 8 Motion-Comic Blu-ray and watched the first 4 episodes/issues. Enjoyed them and it's good to have the gang back even if it's in motion comic form. The voice actors also really do a good job of sounding like the actual actors which is shocking.

So Zander is now a watcher, Dawn is a witch in training, Amy is back, and there is a new Government agency (ala The Initiative) that is cause a ruckus for the scooby gang. I'm guessing this series takes place during Angel Season 5 aswell.

A mention of this TWILIGHT guy has also been made.

If you guys like comics and Buffy... then watching this comic motion is totally a MUST.

Has Season 9 began in the comics yet or are there plans to start it?.


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I heard the motion comic isn't all of season 8, just the first couple arcs, is that true?

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Right now the guy that had his skin torn off by evil Willow is back with Amy and it's them causing the **** for the group at this point.

I will say I am actually enjoying this, not as much as the actual tv series but this is probally as good as it's gonna get.


I kind of hate the darkhorse buffy series right now if just because of Spoilers What they are doing with angel right now ...

I also am pissed at them becasuse they took away the angel series from IDW who IMO has been doing a FANTASTIC job with the series ... I took buffy off my list & I won't be reading what ever they do with angel either ....

After all of these years Faith is still fucked.

Twilight makes an appearance.

You are really behind on this series haha! I suggest you read IDWS Angel series though it may make you hate the buffy verse lol!
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You are really behind on this series haha! I suggest you read IDWS Angel series though it may make you hate the buffy verse lol!

Ok so the season is not complete?. It's 19 issues on 2 discs. I figured theywould put "Part 1" or Volume 1 or some **** if it was only a portion of the season.

Season 9 is being made shortly after season 8 finishes

So Season 8 is still in progress?.


I looked it up the other day out of curosity, season 8 apparently ends this month with issue 40. Know if season 9 start with issue 41 or a brand new #1 I have no idea.


IDWs angel is far better than DH buffy season 8 ... Granted it had some things I liked in it though & some things I didn't ... Much more dislike than like ...

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I didn't really care for the Angel one, I couldn't really enjoy the abstract setting of them being in... hell I guess? Plus the story was jumping all over the place at the time.

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What? God no. What the hell made you think of that?

That's the only thing I can think of that "get's worse".

I'm just trying to figure out why my Blu-ray of this season doesn't say Part 1 or something.... It lead me to believe these 19 issues are the complete season. :mad:

I wouldn't mind seeing an Angel Season 6 motion comic Blu-ray in the future.


Uh huh. Well, if THAT's your definition of worse, then I suppose it'll get better...or be more of the same.

Don't ask me about the Blu-ray though. Maybe they weren't planning on doing the rest?

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