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  • I haven't even gotten around to watching any of it yet. Just haven't felt like it. Sanjou and Ohmori...

    Wait, so you've laughed at ToQger before...?!?!?!

    :p j/k

    The Klingons would write songs about Zaram! As usual, they'd have to embellish a lot of the details, though.
    'Tis alright. I just wanted to rattle off my brainstorming. Maybe I'll make it another fanfic sometime in the future once I develop everything.
    It's something I would've liked to have seen in Shinkenger: a full-blown feudal war set in the modern era, with the Kurokos doubling as house guards, ShinkenGold as a warrior monk or something besides "proto-Gai wannabe samurai", etc. I guess Gaim is sort of doing that though.
    We could then have the crossover with Jetman and Dairanger featuring bad CGI versions of the Jet Machines and Kidenjus :p

    Their weapons would be farming tools, their mechas farm vehicles, and their villains anti-environment corporate developers. At least that's what Toei would probably do: I'd personally want to have more of a feudal Japan feel with Ikko-Ikki warrior monks and Shinto/Buddhist imagery rather than being completely obvious.

    On the other hand, that farming Sentai idea sounds interesting. Maybe it'll encourage the kids to move back to the country since rural Japan is all but empty.
    It is pretty much that stream, but the person in charge of that stream has made an effort to keep changing the url every week to prevent it from being taken down by a DMCA notice.

    I had to to go through a few loop holes to find out what his next url link will be for next week's stream.
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