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Hi people! There was a lot of time i didn´t come here, but let me share with you an exclusive interview i did with "Omochanomachi Bandai Museum" web manager, Mr. Nobuhiro Kiyono.

From a mail sent to the Museum Director, Mr. Hiroshi Eda, the interview was answered by Nobuhiro Kiyono. It´s just new, made about a week ago.

As most of you may know, Bandai Museum changed it´s place in 2007, from Matsudo, Chiba, do Omochanomachi, in Mibu, Toshigi. We already made an article some years ago about the toy Museum (here. Unfortunately i didn´t had time to translate it yet)

The interview was just an attempt to bring to my website www.tokufriends.com, a brand new and interesting content. Hope you like it :castlerock:

TF - Bandai Museum is one of the most beautiful and original Museums in the world.
Before it´s creation in 2003, there were many studies about the cost of the project
and it´s success, or Bandai has been helped by the Government to create it?

Nobuhiro - There were some studies before open this museum ,but I think not so many.
We had many precious collections, so just we thought we had to open this museum
for the people who loved toys!
We manage this museum only bandai, no help by Government.


TF - Since you change from Matsudo, Chiba, people still visit the Museum regularly?
Why did the Museum change location?

Nobuhiro - We changed from Matsudo to Omochanomochi.
Do you know the meaning of Omochanomachi ?
it means Toy town ! this is very nice naming and formal address in Tochigi,Japan
40 years ago, there were many toy factories.
many many toys were made in this area and spread all over the world.
now we stop making toys here and we do it in China and south east asia.
but Omochanomachi is historcal and still important for our company identity.
Ofcourse people still coming our museum.

TF - Per year, how many people visit Bandai Museum?
Nobuhiro - 50000 people per year.
We hope more people come to our place !


TF - The original Gundam Cafe is missing in this new structure? There are some food place now?
Nobuhiro - Now we dont have Gundam cafe.
It is in Akihabara now.
We dont have restaurant, but you can buy some snack in vending machine or eat the food bring your own.

TF - For the possible brazilians (or English speakers that will read this interview)
that may visit Bandai Museum, how are the prices of the attractions today?

Nobuhiro - Entry fee 1000yen (children 600 yen)

TF - In Brazil (mostly in the hole world) there are lots of Anime and Tokusatsu fans.
Do you have some statistic on which place of the museum people go/like more?
It´s the Gundam section, Anime, Ultraman, Toei Tokusatsu series?

Nobuhiro - Now we have 4 sections:
Japanese toys,world toys,Gundam,edison collections.
Almost all people come here for Gundam,and japanese toys.


TF - Thousands of toy collectors in the world recognize Bandai Japan for
it´s quality and perfectionism as a toy company.
Bandai Museum has all the toys released by Bandai Japan until today?

Nobuhiro - To our regret,we dont have all the Bandai toys.
we have many toys from all over the world.

TF - There are plans for some activity in the Internet about the Museum,
like some virtual-tour, videos or something like that?

Nobuhiro - We will be open Online Bandai Museum.
So you will be able to see our collections on virtual !
Coming soon !

TF - Midia from outside Japan go to the Museum to make articles about it for their countries?
Nobuhiro - Nothing for until now.
We hope a lot of media come our museum !


TF - What is the address for tourists to reach the Museum?
There are some train station of specific bus to go there?

Nobuhiro - There are Omochanomachi station.
You can come from Asakusa by Tobu train, and 10 minutes walk
Also you can come by JR. from Shinjyuku or Ueno,
take a train for Utsunomiya,and get off at Ishibashi.
And take a taxi to Bandai museum.

Address : Omocha no machi 3-6-20 Mibu machi Tochigi,Janan

TF - We are delighted for the oportunity of this interview.
Thank you very much and we wish more and more success to Bandai Museum.
Do you have a last message for Bandai fans from all over the world?

Nobuhiro - our collections are very fan and exciting !
you could be remind when you were child .
come and enjoy our toys !

Thank you.

And this is it people. They were very kind in their replies and i really loved this interview. Once again, my public "thank you" for Mr. Nobuhiro Kiyono and Mr. Hiroshi Eda.

Here are the links to Omochanomachi Bandai Museum website versions:

Website Bandai Museum (Japanese)
Website Bandai Museum (English)
Website Bandai Museum (Spanish)

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