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  • Ah, I'll probably never actually get rid of anything. Losing even one movie from the collection bothers me...even if I've only seen it once or twice. I've got some nice R2 stuff I'll be ordering soon so keep an eye out for that. :thumbs:
    I saw that last week on Amazon for pre-order. I might pick it up. Honestly, I've thought of selling off my kaiju collection. I still enjoy it mostly, but I find myself getting bored more often than I used to during some movies.
    Thanks, Yellow! I've got it pre-ordered from Shout! Factory. How about you? I'm a bit disappointed there's no Japanese language option, but I'd still like to have it.
    If you want a henshin sequence involving Yoko/Yellow Buster, I can make one for you. Let me know.
    Just wanted to say hi. I like your new avatar, but IIRC, didn't you have a really awesome Mumm-Ra avatar?
    Well, helloooo.

    I talk to you on twitter more often than here despite knowing you from here. Welp.

    (Trukkmunky if you don't remember :p )
    That's a REALLY great deal...thing is I have this thing about used items. :/ damn my problem.
    Yeah, I saw that.
    There's nothing important for Fourze yet. Not that I've seen at least.
    ...and that it does! I read it wrong. >_O So, yeah, go for it if you want, but it'll be kinda difficult with no real video sources.
    Weeeell it's not actually out until July, sooo I'd say it's a little premature for that, but if you want to, go for it. XD
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