1. TokuPrime

    Discotek Releasing Hurricane Polymar Live Action Film

    Discotek have announced that they will be bringing to America the live action film adaptation of the anime Hurricane Polymar. The film was directed by toku veteran Koichi Sakamoto and featured Yuki Yamada (Gokai Blue) and Miki Hara (Cutie Honey The Live, Inga Blink from the Fourze movie). The...
  2. TokuPrime

    [DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Gotchard

    We might as well enjoy a picture with the bike before it disappears forever Chemies, alchemy, and extremely shiny suits, oh my! Share your thoughts on the 2023-2024 Rider season here.
  3. TokuPrime


    Well this was a surprise! We don't normally get Sentai trademark news until at least late September, but the trademark bot has never been wrong before, so here we go! Toei have made an application for Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger. Expect to (maybe?) see lots of explosions in 2024, but (as always)...
  4. Toku Prime


    Deep below the ground, an ancient and terrible creature slumbers. Only the most powerful of psychics can pierce the veils of it's mind to see the secrets within. But when the trademark bot stirs, it reveals a glimpse of the future to it's most fervent disciples. You know the deal by now. We...
  5. Toku Prime

    2022-2023: Kamen Rider Geats

    The trademark bot has awoken from it's slumber. The next Kamen Rider series will be Kamen Rider, not Zi-O's secondary Rider. As always, it's probably going to be about another month or so before we get any more details.
  6. Toku Prime

    Actors & Other Misc. News

    I've been thinking for a while that we could do with a thread for all that miscellaneous minor news, often concerning former toku actors, that is notable enough to deserve a mention but perhaps doesn't really deserve it's own dedicated thread. There's been a couple of bits of news like this...
  7. A


    So in a few weeks, most likely second week of March, I will be starting a podcast. But not just any podcast, a tokusatsu podcast. The Tokucast! This will be more of a review/talk up about past series, going back as far as we can with the various subbed series of both Super Sentai and Kamen...
  8. kakeru1986

    Toei producer Shirakawa Shinichiro's bad comment about Star Wars

    So, I was going my way on Futaba, and saw that today, on Twitter, Shirakawa P tweeted about Star Wars Here's his tweet Basically, this is what he said. "This is the movie of someone who was raised watching Star Trek and Star Wars only...
  9. Toku Prime

    Tokusatsu "comfort foods" / guilty pleasures

    I've just been reading this blog post over on the Rising Sun toku blog that talks about "tokusatsu comfort foods". The definition they give is: To me that sounds similar to a guilty pleasure, but I think I prefer the phrase "comfort food show" because let's be honest nobody actually feels...
  10. K

    Why kids prefer toy collectible things based on tokusatsu shows?

    You know back in the days before collectibles based on toei tokusatsu shows came it was just one toy henshin devices or weapons and stuff based on what kids in kamen rider and super sentai did to buy and pretend to be like their heroes or villains but now during current times kids prefer...
  11. Janitor Joker

    Toku Warriors

    Hello everyone I am the creator of a podcast on Youtube called the Toku Warriors, we have done a couple of episodes we have a youtube channel, a twitter account, facebook page, and a blog.
  12. shortboy

    Battle Hero Absolute Episode 10

    We haven't posted any episodes on here personally but here's our latest episode of Tokusatsu inspired series, Battle Hero Absolute! Battle Hero Absolute: Episode 10 - Silver Lining Henshin Justice's own Keith Hayward/Justice makes a cameo appearance at the...
  13. Grimmhelm


    i just started up this podcast due to to the encouragement of my friends who are tiered of my toku ramblings. Toku-strike is a podcast about tokusatso and general geekery and as of the creation of this post will be updating twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) though two episodes are already up...
  14. K

    can anyone find some many reviews for "superhero taisen"?

    Like the title is saying show me all reviews of the movie Superhero taisen and tell me if they are all positive or all negative or Mixed because when i heard from a Jefusion report about its box office it says "some disappointed japanese fans" does that mean the films has either mixed reviews or...
  15. K

    scan of a tokusatsu manga found 自扫][东映·讲谈社][藤泽真行、他]SuperHeros vol.2 (kodonasha club )

    remember i told you where you can find and scan some of the tokusatsu mangas ,well here's one of them and all its pages are in this blog : in fact here are the five examples of the mangas including its pieces of the book,It...
  16. DannyBoy

    The HENSHINCast!

    The HENSHINCast is a new podcast created by DannyBoy of YouTube and Reviewtopia to help bring tokusatsu (Japanese special effects shows/movies) to the masses. Assembled of a team of experienced reviewers and fans, The HENSHINCasters will talk about anything and everything from the world of...
  17. D

    Kamen Rider Merchandise. Desperation.

    I'll be blunt. Times are tough, and it looks like if anything's gonna go, it's gonna be the things I don't absolutely need. So, here I am, trying to sell what few pieces of Kamen Rider Merchazawa I've got here. I'll put pics up if I can, but things with this computer don't always work in my...
  18. D

    Japanese RAW Tokusatsu R2 dvds for sale for the CHEAPEST ON THE WEB

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share the link to a great site to buy full R2 and AVI dvd sets for the cheapest you will find on the web, and the best part is they will ship anywhere in the world. they have been doing business for a long time on ebay and decided to open there own site which is going...
  19. H

    Little Tokyo Parade featuring Tokusatsu Cosplayers

    No joke either, Anime Jungle is currently looking for people to cosplay as Tokusatsu legends such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Kikaider for a parade in Little Tokyo Los Angeles next month (August). If you are interested you should call 213-621-1661 and ask for Tetsu.
  20. Reimon

    Watch Anime or Tokusatsu?

    I noticed that not too many HJL members watch or discuss about anime more than Tokusatsu shows.