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  • Well, i guess i still have the Fourze movie to look forward to when it gets subbed in either febuary or march.
    Hey Jacky, since you do actually live in Japan, have you gotten the chance to see the Go-Busters movie yet? if you have is it any good?
    hey Jacky it's Corey forgot my other username here so i made a new one. im sure you knew it was me anyway lol!
    :O_O: *crosses everything that's crossable* I wish you much luck!! If we can't get it, it's no problem. :thumbs:

    Plus it's kinda cool how you can only get those 2, they're the ones I want the most. :D
    scikaiju: ya talkin' to me?! I say, ya talkin' to me?! [/QOUTE]

    Ya I'm talkin' to you :p
    Oh ok. lol You don't need to change that then, so whenever you guys speak just go on each others profile.
    Hey jacks, this is from TGirl "I'm tasking you two with being writers,While I do Copy editing and graphic design we'll figure out the sending documents thing later"

    Plus she said that your PM box is turned off or something.
    Hmm, I know it's about a Sentai team up, but not sure which team ups exactly. It'll be great, I comm..I mean, I politely ask you to join. :D Plus this is my first time, so you guys can show me the ropes.
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