To my side, my noble Einherjar! Star Ocean Anamnesis is getting some new visitors: Lenneth and Silmeria, the central figures of Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile 2.

The same Square Enix subsidiary that developed Star Ocean, Tri-Ace, also came up with a unique RPG on the Playstation called Valkyrie Profile. Half-strategy, half-sidescroller, one-third puzzler, your goal as a Valkyrie was to scour the Norselands for recently deceased noble warriors to build an army. Whether you won in the end depended on making the right decisions.

The original Valkyrie Profile was critically praised but received a tiny print run in America (the official estimate is less than 100,000 copies, but some reports have the figure as low as 20,000). Fortunately it sold well enough in its home country to make a sequel on the PS2 possible, but the series never continued past that unless you count a DS spinoff game belonging to a different genre.

Now the stars of those games are making new appearances in Star Ocean Anamnesis. Here’s what they’ve brought to the game….

  • Login Bonuses – Now until September 18, 2018, players will be treated to generous login rewards on top of the regular bonuses, including a 5-star Character Ticket, a 5-Star Weapon Ticket, Gems, and more.
  • Banner Characters VALKYRIE PROFILE favorites Lenneth and Silmeria are available as powerful new characters now through September 18, 2018.
  • Special Event Challenge – The formidable Blood Valkyrie is accepting challengers now through September 18, 2018. Those who manage to defeat her can earn special rewards and event coins, which they can exchange for even more prizes, now until September 25, 2018.

As the release says, you can only mess around with the Valkyries until the 18th of this month, so don’t miss out. Star Ocean Anamnesis is available for free on Google Play and the App Store