Utomik is a unique gaming service that has been offering subscription-based gaming via its massive library, and it’s slowly been growing over the past few years. In contrast, Crunchyroll is the worlds most popular anime streaming service, bringing anime like Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, and more to Western shores. And now, the team services are teaming up for a true ultimate service via a new tier in their offerings.

Dubbed the Crunchyroll Super Fan Pack, if you subscribe to this tier, you’ll get not only access to the anime service, but also the gaming service of Utomik. But that’s not all, also in this tier you’ll get access to the J-Novel Club ANiUTa service. So that’s four different services in one subscription tier.

“We love bringing great content to our community, so for us it’s perfect to find a partner who prides themselves on doing the same and can bring our games to even more people. It’s great that we’ve got that in common with Crunchyroll.” – Doki Tops, CEO of Utomik.

The tier will come to the anime service in Q4 of this year, no price for the tier has been announced as of yet.