The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is both the title of a best-selling book and a cult 80’s movie by Terry Gilliam. It is about a pompous man with a wild mustache who tells tales of his incredible adventures that may or may not have ever happened. Now you can be the Baron with the Munchausen RPG game, which is about to get a new edition in a week.

The first player begins with a tall tale about himself: “I invented the selfie, only it was supposed to be called the Josh Dorfinweller after myself. Melvin Selfie stole the idea!” Then the next member of the group is expected to top it: “Well, I invented silicon, so without me you never would have made that latter invention.” Once the story cannot possibly be topped, the “winner” is expected to elaborate and tell the entire circumstances of their adventure. To be quite honest, out of all the RPGs we’ve previewed here, this one seems like the best way to spend an evening.

In fact….why would you even need the book to do this? Maybe I’ve said too much.

Fantasy Flight Games previewed the product and wrote up their thoughts in character as the Baron. Even if you have no interest in this, you at least need to read this playthrough description — it’s something else.

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