You’ll never guess who’s playing Lois Lane in this year’s big CW superhero crossover. Unless you already read it on another site.

This morning the network revealed Bitsie Tulloch had landed the role of Superman’s girlfriend. She now joins a long lineage of Loises including Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Erica Durance and Dana Delany.

Fans of genre television, who probably watch the shows in CW’s lineup regularly, are already familiar with Tulloch due to her regular appearances on NBC’s Grimm. For six seasons she played a woman who was first named Juliette and then Eve. She started out as a love interest before a series of complicated circumstances turned her into a witch. The show was kind of a mess, but it turned around in its final season.

There’s more: thanks to another casting announcement, we now know that Cassandra Jean Amell (aka the person who married Oliver Queen in real life) was picked out of a short pool of nepotism candidates to play Nora Fries, the usually-ill-fated wife of villainous Mr. Freeze.

Traditionally we don’t see Nora walking around; in the few appearances she’s had on other media, she’s depicted as cryogenically frozen due to a rare disease that Freeze is searching for a cure to. This Nora will be a healthier one.

So if we do indeed get Mr. Freeze as the Big Bad, who will be playing HIM? Our guess: Probably Arnold Schwarzenegger again.

The next CW DC crossover special begins airing Sunday, December 9.