Worst Movie You've Ever Seen


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I went to see that when it was still on in the cinema, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was about :sweat: Bet Taylor Lautner leaves that one off his CV now

The worst movie I've ever seen was probably The Human Centipede


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King Kong 2005 and yes, Avatar was definitely one of the most boring movies I've seen as well.

EDIT: how could I forget Jennifer's Body? I hated that movie so much and regretted choosing to watch it.


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Hobgoblins, Hercules Unchained, Hercules Versus The Moon Men, Monster A-Go-Go, The Giant Gila Monster, First Spaceship On Venus, Bad Love, The Young Tiger, Catwoman, Mighty Joe Young, Rocky and Bullwinkle
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Cripes, there's just so many rotten movies out there. I know there's more, but here's just a few that come to mind. They're just horrible -- horribly acted, horribly written and directed, even pain-inducing...

Push -- I hate, hate, HATED this movie. I don't even think I'm aware of how much I hate this movie, because I was just informed recently of how much I ***** about it, and I didn't even realize it. It was like one of those Sega CD "movie games." Gene Dopant would have been too embarrassed to make this movie, and would have submitted it as an Alan Smithee.

Battle Royale II -- Honestly, I do think this is one of the worst travesties put to film. God awful, filthy stinking movie. Offensive on many levels, but especially in its ineptitude, and the way it just farts all over the first one. Kenta Fukasaku probably made Kinji flop around the grave a couple of times with this.

Rob Zombie's Halloween movies are also hideous. It's criminal that there were people on set who saw what he was doing with those movies and still let him get away with it. Funny thing is -- he was supposed to "reboot" the franchise, and his movies were so bad he killed it again. :laugh:
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Metal Gear Solid 4. So boring. About halfway through it seemed the characters just stopped moving altogether...

...That wasn't a movie?


In terms of the ratio of Money Spent Making:Quality Achieved, Shrek 3 is the worst movie I've ever seen. Just remembering the sheer stupidity on display across every second of that movie hurts my brain anew.


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^ I remember when I saw that movie, my thoughts were like "Ok, it has my attention, which is better than 2 did, but... but... why am I not laughing?!"


^ I remember when I saw that movie, my thoughts were like "Ok, it has my attention, which is better than 2 did, but... but... why am I not laughing?!"

Because the movie contains no jokes!

It does a body swap plotline WITH NO JOKES! The joke is that the donkey is now talking with Antonio Bandares's voice instead of Eddie Murphy's! Ha ha ha!

Don't even get me started on the idiocy of the basic plotline in which Shrek needs to become more Kingly or find another King BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE FIONA COULD TAKE CARE OF THAT RULER STUFF OR ANYTHING...

(arrrgh my head. see what you've done!)

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