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  • hey man I'm very interested in your magna morpher could i see some pics of it to see what kinda condition its in??
    Hey dude. Your PM box was full so I'm trying this. Just keep me informed dude. No sweat man.
    I've often wondered what I would say to you if I ever saw you again and here it is man after months and months of not so much as a single message not even a hello or how are you I am here to finally say with all of my being..

    What's up nucca?
    Oh, Sorry about that. I thought I can post this on visitor message instead of spamming this on PM to someone. Better repost this on your PM then.
    That's cool. At least you were able to watch it in peace. Yeah, man, that guy was a strange one. Kept on saying random stuff to us during the movie and making useful comments like, "OH YEAH," and "ABOUT TO DO IT!" and on and on. As far as the movie went the 3D was nice. The mokujin fused what-the-****-ever-it-was sucked though.
    Man, you were in Tupelo last night? I was at the first Tekken screening at 7:30. There might have been 20 people in there but no more than that for sure. My fiancee and I had some obnoxious fucking guy sitting next to us that was getting way too into the movie. :laugh:
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