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The entire final episodes of Ryuki were pretty depressing. It's too be expected, but damn everyone just started dropping like flies by the time the final four episodes came around. Faiz was the same with characters just losing their **** and dying at the series end.

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"I cannot tell a lie!" In accordance to quote the famous 1st President, George Washington, these are the most saddest moments I have seen in Toku:

-Timeranger's finale: Major tearjerker. I cried a dozen times when Tatsuya had to see his friends leave after defeating Gien.
-W episode 48: the final scene when Shotarou-kun had to left the de-transformation hatch to say good-bye to Philip-kun. That was the most saddest moments in Kamen Rider history.
-Kabuto: Sasword's death. Really made me cry. All he ever wanted to spend a wonderful Christmas with Misaki. Then there's Drake and Rena Mamiya's final battle.
-Dairanger: When Kou was reunited with his mother, only to have her taken away yet again in episode 44.
-Jetman: In episode 49 when Ryu had to see Rie only to be taken from him for the last time and then see Grey carrying her to her grave near the ocean. So sad, it made me cry out her name...."RIE!!!"
-GoGo-V: Dinas's death in episode 47. So sad, I started to hate the Tatusmi siblings for that.
Megaranger - when the team nearly died trying to kill Dr. Hinelar at the end.

Kamen Rider W - Phillip's death

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Kendrix's death.


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Jetman: Rie's and Gai's death.
Magiranger: Miyuki/MagiMother's death.
Dragon Knight: Kit/Dragon Knight being vented.


Go-onger (episode 25): When Renn has to destroy the statue that he prayed and made offerings to the statue daily, until his mother passed away when he was a little boy.

Shinkenger (episode 20): When Kotoha's soul has been stolen by the Ayakashi, leaving her comatose, with just one day left to live.

Mako's past when her mother and father left her without even a word.

Decade's Natsumi was about to die.
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Dairanger: In the episode where Rin becomes an idol. The gouma has been sucking the energy out of her by putting her in the public eye. And yet, she falls for him. And eventually, he reciprocates, only to be killed.
The really sad part is at the end, when Rin sets the picture into the water and softly sings her single. All the guys in the team want to comfort her, but they know she has to be alone for this.

Ultraman Nexus: It's a tossup here, but I'm going to go with the moment Himeya realizes that he's not being punished by being Ultraman. The other moment is after Faust saves Komon from Nosfer, and Riko dies a second time, in Komon's arms.

Kamen Rider Blade: The ending scene where Hajime sees Kenzaki, looks away and then he's gone.


To me, the saddest moment in Decade was when Tsukasa realized that everyone, including Yusuke, turned against him.

Second saddest has to be Asumu being forced to kill Hibiki.
Episode 48 of Double is a pretty serious contender, but there's one particular scene I'm surprised no one's mentioned yet.

The final episode of Kamen Rider Blade.

That's not to say it was a really sad ending, more that it was the kind that shocked and awed you with the final fate of the main character. After slaying hundreds of Darkroaches in his king form, Kenzaki finally faces Hajime in an epic showdown. Both sides are equally matched until Kenzaki's goal is realized. The moment he sheds the green blood is the moment you knew what had happened. He willingly sacrificed his humanity to save his friend.

It's just a powerful moment, the hero giving up everything just to save the world and damning himself to an eternal vigil of avoiding a battle he has to finish. That's why this scene is so sad to me.
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Timeranger had by far the best ending and the best final episode credit sequence. I love how Tatsuya is jogging and his father's limbo passes by him and he thinks to himself "Father, I will one day return to the Asami group, but when I do I will change it it, until then I will live my life for Naoto." Then he sees look alikes of his friends, which was one of the saddest parts of the credit sequence. Naoto having a look alike at the end made it even more sad. I love the Timeranger ending way better than the Time Force one.

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When Gavan met his long lost father, Uchuu Keiji Voicer, imprisoned by the bad guys... and then his old man died not long after their reunion.


The best reactions to death I've seen in Kamen Rider...

5th. Shoutaro's during Philp's goodbye. I liked how Shoutaro, even though he asked to close the W Driver himself, could not bear to look at Philip and just continued to stare straight ahead as he cried.

4th. The Imagin accepting that the will disappear in episode 28. Simply on the fact that they were ready for whatever was going to happen to them.

3rd. V3's reaction at Riderman's death. I liked how he simply to started talking normally as he named Riderman "Kamen Rider #4", but at the very end, he screams Riderman's name.

2nd. Gotou's during Date's "death". Like in #3, a lot of time when someone "dies" in KR, one of the characters screams his/her name. Gotou did something different, he just weakly repeated Date's name as if trying to wake up, showing far more emotion than he would have done if he had shouted.

1st. Yuuto's reaction to Deneb's "disappearance" at the end of the series. Solely on the fact that a character who tends to go out of his way to act cool and appear unnerved simply starts crying his heart out when he thought that his partner was gone.


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W 48. I've seen it a few times in the thread, but still. how they're standing there talking and Shotaro's reluctant to undo the transformation from Extreme, knowing that he'd be there by himself. What got me was how Philip was mostly calm through the whole thing until right at the end. I'll admit, I shed some tears on that episode, and the part that got me was right at the end of the episode when Shotaro found Philip's book and he made his promise to keep fighting as Kamen Rider.

Blade 49: Kenzaki sacrificing his humanity to bring the Battle Royale to a standstill by turning himself into an Undead. Even though Blade wasn't one of my favorites, that episode with Kenzaki turning into an Undead and Hajime seeing him only for him disappear again. One of the better finales that I've seen.

Kabuto 46: Tsurugi's death at Tendou's hands. Misaki screaming at Tendou to stop before he killed Tsurugi made a big impact on that episode, and Tsurugi's backstory as well, how the Tsurugi personality took over the Scorpio Worm's personality gave me shivers. Tsurugi was one of my favorite Kabuto characters, and the end of that episode where he died in Jiya's arms was definitely one of the sadder moments in Kabuto to me.

Den-O: Episode 28 when everyone but Momotaros turned back into sand. Ryoutaro kneeling beside the pile of sand and finding the phone and the look on his face. Zeronos watching his memories of Airi rusting up and fading to power up his Zero Form. Seig asking Ryoutaro for help when he was starting to disappear, and the despiration in his voice at the same time. Kintaros' sacrifice at the end of 47, taking the Belt from Ryoutaro and giving him a chance to get out of the way so that he could fight, fulfilling his wish. Ryoutaro and Yuuto's reactions about losing the Imagin was one of the stronger scenes in the show for me.

I'm pretty sure that there's a lot more but I can't remember all of them right now.


More Saddest moment for me.

Decade: Souji slowly disappears back into travelling at the speed of light as Mayu sees him for one last time.

Tsukasa's death.

Decade: Tsukasa realized that everyone, including Yusuke, turned against him.


Errr... Am I the only one who cried when Zanki died and came back in spirit form to a naive Todoroki?! :sly:

Yeah, that was definitely one of the saddest moments in Toku for me... It was sad because it's like saying goodbye forever to a long time friend.


Decade: Souji slowly disappears back into travelling at the speed of light as Mayu sees him for one last time.

Decade: Tsukasa realized that everyone, including Yusuke, turned against him.

I agree wholeheartedly with these two.

Also, OOO's last line "Someday... Somehow..." is extremely bittersweet.


When Maria died in Jetman, i was expecting Grey to murder Radiguet.

EDIT: Also when Kou's mom bit the dust it was an absolute Tearjerker, also the ending of Timeranger was just a complete downer
I have 2 that i get sad when i see them

1: when kageyama (punch hopper) in kabuto turned into a native and tells yagurama (kick hopper) to kill him

2: The W episodes when shotaro can't handle being w anymore and phillip rejects him, and then phillip tries to team up with Terui and Terui rejects him and then Shotaro and Phillip partner back up (great episode by the way)

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