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  • cool. could i buy 1 of your extras that you don't want? specifically the one with mitsuzane and ryugen together. let me know.
    Why don;t those PM arrows exist anymore?! Kaji...I'm sending you something it. Use your magic on it. Give me words...

    -From Kougami

    Sorry thought it was your birthday today from reading the vanguard thread. well. happy birthday in 5 months
    Y-You didn't have to pos tit early ya know...I was just kidding around. I mean I am happy you did, but I wasn't rushing or anything. Hmmm...i really am sounding more and more like a desperate fan boy. -_- narf...
    i bought the same trial deck as you and my friend had some extra commons for the deck. i'm not trying to waste money on this card game yet. not until bermuda triangle clan cards are out. that's when i will put my money in and make a deck i want to use.

    i only got the trial deck to play with.
    Sorry bout that. The offer still stands though, if there's anything specific you want, I can keep an eye out and let you know.
    Found a card shop near me that sells Vanguard singles. I got my 2nd Blaster Blade there(The booster art variant) for 10$. Common singles were 50 cents, prices seem fairly good.

    I plan on stopping by as frequent as I can, should I look for anything for you?
    I bought the Aichi deck today. I am looking at having multiple blaster blades in my deck, so I'll consider your sale too.

    Gotta say: I think I like these decks better then the YGO starters, I looked at the card list and it seems as though I can jump in and play with this deck as is.
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