When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men
May 20, 2010
There is currently a thread regarding this very same topic going on on /m/echa where you pretend to play God (the show's head writer) and rewrite a series as you see fit

Have fun! Use spoiler if needed

Kamen Rider Ryuki:


-Shiro doesn't reverse time so that the Rider Battle never happened.

-Yui dies regardless of the fact that Ren gave his life in order to save her from vanishing.

-The mirror world doesn't close and after Ren dies and Shiro's soul is no longer binded to the safety of his sister's welfare, they return. The planet becomes lifeless after only a few years.

-Koichi Sakakibara is shown getting eaten alive by Dragredder in the beginning of the first episode

-Miho is cannon to the series, she forfeits the war when she sees that Shinji is dead after trying to fight off the Mirror Monster horde. Blancwing eats her alive as punishment.

-Verde is cannon and one of the Kamen Rider Alternatives.

-Ryuga is cannon and an experiment created by Hajime in order to prevent Shinji from meddling in the affairs of the Alternative riders[/hide]
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Dec 13, 2009
There is more confrontations with Museum.

Kirihiko is not found snooping by anyone and is not killed, but becomes an informant helping in Lieutenant Dopant cases.

Skull is more "Active" in the story.

Xtreme debuts earlier, cutting off the Liar, Puppeteer, Nightmare and Jewel arcs. Accel Trial and the defeat of Isaka takes place after.

Fall of Museum.

Debut of Foundation X, introduces the first T1 Dopant (Previous Dopants were T0), capable of surviving Memory Breaks. It beats W and Accel around only to be defeated by a Twin Rider Maximum.

A to Z takes place as a 4 part arc. Include parts of W FOREVER DC and W RETURNS Eternal.

Instead of Daido and the Eternal memory being destroyed, he learns what really happened (W RETURNS Eternal) and becomes a recurring Kamen Rider later during the series.

Both W and Accel upgrade to T2 memories.

The Foundation X endgame takes place with the Monster of the Week being T1 Dopants.

Daido returns as Eternal during the final arc and defeat of Foundation X.

Instead of creating the Gaia Impact using Wakana they will use Phillip to their evil scheme.

This arc ends with Phillip dieing, and Shotaro going on as Kamen Rider Joker. Kazu is hit with a Triple Rider Kick and still survives by stealing Life Force from Shotaro and Terui. Daido takes over the fight saying they have to tend to Phillip.

The fight between Daido and Kazu goes almost the same as the one in W RETURNS, except Daido also dies.

Shotaro and Terui promise each other to honor the wishes of Phillip and Daido to protect Fuuto as Kamen Riders.
Simple Overview.
Episodes 1 - 16 happens as normal, Find the C and The Revenge V is Museum Dopant arcs,
Episodes 17 - 18 almost goes on as normal except Kirihiko is not caught when snooping around and therefor not killed
Episodes 19 - 22 Happens as normal.
A Lieutenant Dopant Arc. (23 - 24)
T1 Dopant Arc. (25 - 26)
Invisible Memory Arc, as normal (27 - 28)
Message for W (29 - 30)
Xtreme Debut (31 - 32)
Accel Trial Debut (33 - 34)
Fall of Museum (35 - 36)
A to Z arc (37 - 40)
Foundation X end game arc (41 - 48) Includes return of Daido, death of Phillip and Daido.
49, Terui and Shotaro coping, protecting Fuuto as Kamen Riders

I would have loved W to go on like this (Well now since we know Daido really was a Kamen Rider)
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Mar 16, 2006
Tensou Sentai Goseiger

[HIDE]- Buredoran/Burajira manipulating all three villain factions remains the same.

- Skick, Landick and Seaick angels hardly get along in the first five episodes or so (just like how they reacted to each other in the time travel episodes). Skick and Seaick quickly become friends, but Landick still refuse to co-operate, thus divided into two teams. Landick will only merge with them after War Star's defeat.

- Professor Amachi and Nozomu are thrown out, each tribe will reside in a place related to their powers. Despite Datas still being around, they still use their senses to pick up enemy movements.

- Each tribes' past are revealed during the Yuumajuu arc: how Arata and Eri became childhood friends, Aguri revealing Mone's past and Mone revealing Aguri's past to another member, Hyde finally reveals his thought-to-be-dead partner, Magis etc etc.

- Instead of GoseiKnight being the sixth member, Magis returns from the dead and henshin into GoseiGreen, who forms the other half of Seaick. However, he can mysteriously manipulate Skick and Landick powers as well. His personality also changed since he "died".

Note: Magis's actor won't be portrayed by Yousuke Ito like in the series, just imagine a younger actor portraying him.

- Super Goseigers, other than Magis, for everyone, as usual.

- Magis's background is revealed during the Matrintis arc, as well as focusing on his interaction with the other five Gosei Angels. I also decide to throw in a love triangle between Mone, Hyde and Magis in here. :p

- Burajira arc remains the same.[/HIDE]

that's all I can think of for now.
Dec 25, 2010
Mahou Sentai Magiranger, just a few tweaks really.

[HIDE]1. Lunagel also gets a hand in finishing off Raigel/Meemy. By performing a combined spell with Sungel/Hikaru/MagiShine that looks like a Lunar Eclipse. Because she deserved to get her revenge on that bastard too.

2. After the final battle, Kai gets permission to tell Yamazaki the truth, at which point she reveals that she knew since the summer. One last bit of humiliation for Kai, but they do get together anyway.

3. The girls also get weapon modes for their MagiSticks. Houka's would be a whip, while Urara's would be a shield.[/HIDE]
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Oct 6, 2010
Kamen Rider Kabuto

A few ideas, not going to go in depth on the entire series since the changes I've made would change everything biiig time :sweat:

[HIDE]-Kagami becomes Kabuto, as the Zecter accepts him instead of going to Tendou. This creates a divergent time line from what Tendou thought was going to happen.

-Kagami becomes the protagonist and main Rider of the series, while Tendou is his smug, enigmatic and neutral-minded ally.

-Tendou becomes an exposition character of sorts, being the one who delves deeper into the nature of the Worm, ZECT and various plot points of the day while Kagami follows ZECT's orders and fights the Worm.

-Because Kagami is Kabuto and therefore works for ZECT rather than independent of them, Yaguruma/TheBee is an ally from the start, while Kageyama remains a secondary character and becomes Tendou's counterpart “on the other side of the fence”, though noticeably more pro-ZECT compared to Tendou.

-Yaguruma is therefore not faced with humiliation and defeat from Tendou at every turn, and remains 'sane' as TheBee for the entire run of the series.

-When Tendou discovers that Hiyori is a Native, and convinces himself that all the Riders will try to kill her for it, he goes more than a little crazy (essentially, he becomes the Yaguruma instead of Yaguruma himself :p ). He forcibly breaks the Gattack Zecter to his will, and becomes an evil Rider with the motivation of having all the Zecters, so no one will harm Hiyori.

-No Dark Kabuto, because he's not needed any more :laugh:

-Tadokoro allies himself with the Kagami and the others against the Native/ZECT and “super Worm” after their plot is put into full effect, and becomes Kick Hopper.
No real ideas for Daisuke or Tsurugi, if anyone has any ideas based on the above, feel free to post :laugh:
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Jul 10, 2007
The origin of Orphnoch is revealed. Scientists in the 20th century was experimenting on how to win the world wars and injected a different combinations of animal DNA to make their soldiers stronger and the gene is carry on for generations. It was a failure and it had no effects, but it turns out when someone has strong will to live and dies, he will be reborn as an orphnoch.

Delta gear is the only one gear that can use the jet slinger and can execute a rider punch by saying PUNCH.
Mari and Keitaro are aware of the identities of the trio in the middle of the series.
Kusaka dies from using Kaixa a lot and Kiba becomes the the primary wearer of Kaixa till the end. Mihara is still Delta, but is weak using it.
The police find out about the orphnochs and tries to execute them all.

Orphnoch King debut earlier and ask the riders to join him in converting Humans in to Orphnochs. They refuse because many lives will be lost. The final battle Orphnoch king defeated the riders and reveal himself to be the Goat Orphnoch that went in to hiding until he becomes perfect. The Goat orphnoch figure out orphnoch DNA will turn them in to beasts that are only interested in killing eachother. In the end all the orphnochs disappear along with Orphnoch king without a trace and the police stop pursuing them. Smart Brain is now researching on how to cure humans from every evolving in to orphnochs and turn orphnochs back in to humans instead removing all trace of their humanity.[/HIDE]
Oct 25, 2007
KR Kiva:

-Wataru isn't such a big shut-in but it gets explained that he's a bit sensitive to light, so he doesn't often go out.
- When he turns into Kiva the fangaire blood takes over and he can go berserk easily.
- Shizuka doesnt exist(doesn't matter anyhow)
- The plot about Kiva being dangerous get explored, we see that the Wataru Kiva is just as dangerous as the previous Kiva. Let's make it that Kiva's bloodlust is surpressed by Wataru because he's out every night hunting down fangaires that are a threat to mankind.
- IXA created sooner, Nago doesn't exist, let Yuri's child use IXA. Chasing Kiva to defeat him. Have a few clashes, before they realize Kiva is Wataru and is almost harmless in his human form.
- Rook didn't survive til 2008, King is the one to survive, and still holding grudges against Otoya, so he targets Wataru after enough time resting. Megumi's parents are killed by King and not Rook, but they managed to take down Bishop and Rook in 98.
-Kiva uses the Arm Monsters more often so that they could help surpress his fangaire blood.
-Majority of fights take place at night.
-Otoya didn't time travel, and make the dumping of Yuri a bit less sudden. Also hint at when Otoya and Queen did it to make little Otoyas
- Otoya transform into IXA and deal King a major blow, dies at Queen's arm, let that be the end of the Otoya time line. Remove the plot about how transforming into Dark Kiva kills a human, IXA's too underused and I don't throwing around belts and names.
- Wataru learns how his father truly is like.
- Wataru receives Emperor form after accepting his fangaire blood and embracing it before defeating King.
- But since his blood has awaken, he has no choice but to leave everyone, it was that or suck the life force out of everyone. [/hide]
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Sep 30, 2008

[hide]At the end of the series, Philip remains gone. Wakana lives in with Shotaro to recover from the strain the failed Gaia Impact had on her body, and also as a source to access to the Gaia Library. Shotaro continues his lone crusade as KR Joker. Foundation X do not draw their sponsorship from GaiaMemories, but further establish them, resulting in the research of data humans experimentation and incorporating them into NEVERs. The ultimate fighting machine with all the knowledge in the world.

A movie after is shown, with Foundation X as the main antagonist. A new evil Rider, being a data human/NEVER prototype gathered from data from what is left from Museum and the Xtreme Memory, tries to initiate a third Gaia Impact for the Foundation. KR Joker and Accel are both screwed, and the only way to take on a foe that knows everything is CJX, which is able to tap into the Earth directly. Wakana then sacrifices herself to reconstruct the Xtreme Memory, with Philip's physical body's data within, and Double wins the good ol' fight.

At the epilogue of the movie, Foundation X continues on, and becomes a Shocker-like organisation within the rest of Kamen Rider series. A scene shows their newest research: the O Medals, and the link into OOO begins...[/hide]
Apr 29, 2011
KR Kabuto

- GSL is the true origin story for the series.

- Hiyori is not a Worm and Tendou only go separated from his real parents the day of the Shibuya meteor crash, which left Hiyori with amnesia about her brother.

- When Hyper Kabuto starts showing up out of nowhere, it is implied that it is not Tendou, leading into a confrontation between Hyper Kabuto against all the other Riders. At the end it is revealed that particular Hyper Kabuto is actually an echo from the GSL Tendou trying to guide his parallel self into finding his own Hyper Zecter.

- The fact that the Natives are the last enemy is hinted at as the series progresses.

- The fact that Riku Kagami gave the Hopper Zecters to Yaguruma and Kageyama is revealed and it's shown that they are actually working with him to undermine the Native's plans.

- Renge becomes the 5th KR TheBee.

- Dark Kabuto doesn't have the brother complex with Hiyori and instead he's a Worm who believes he's the actual Tendour Souji.

- Kagami is the one forced to kill Tsurugi, doing so by borrowing/taking the Hyper Zecter from Tendou and becoming Hyper Gattack.
Jun 21, 2005

- Saga does kill Kiva by snapping his neck at the last few episodes after Kiva performs a rider kick on Mio, unlike in the original script where Jiro saves Wataru from certain death.

- Kivara (Natsumi Kurenai) and Kiva IV (Masao Kurenai), both Wataru's children from the future will come to the present to defeat Saga and his army of Fangires. They revive Wataru with nanotechnology that comes from the future and also help him defeat Bishop with a horrific triple rider kick. Afterwards a battle between Saga and Kiva occurs; the match ends in a stalemate where both belts cannot fight for a long period of time, Wataru (in human form) takes Kivara's sword and impales the sword towards Taiga's body, Wataru then proceeds to perform a curbstomp towards the fallen Taiga. Taiga dies without regret. The nanotech recovery apparently causes Wataru to be a lot more assertive and cocky than usual.

- Otoya fought against King with only the IXA suit. The Dark Kiva belt was destroyed at the end of the battle in the 1986 arc from an overloaded "broken fang" attack. He died from excessive bleeding and a fatal flaw that was found within the suit which was causing his mind to be altered. Overcharging the "Broken Fang" would cause psychological harm and intense physical stress. Wataru never got to meet his father at all.

- Yuri and Otoya were an fling couple; and Yuri gave birth to their lovechild which is Megumi after the end of the series. Yuri found another person afterwards. Maya was already dead at the start of the series.

- Kivat-1 (or Juggernaut Kiva) is Wataru's movie-only final form.

- Wataru eventually becomes the chairman of Saga's fangire conglomerate committee after hearing news of Saga's death by Wataru's bare hands.

- Wataru uses the souls of werewolves, mermen and frankenpeople to summon their forms that were contained in the fuestles. Only Jiro, Riki and Ramon were immune to it because of unknown reasons.

- The Wonderful Aozora corp. is actually a mercenary firm by a group of peaceful legendorga which uses a team of IXA save forms and having an modernized IXA as its leader. The team consists of Jiro as the leader, Ramon, Riki. They never made the darkness pact at the end of the series. Rather, they resolved to save the earth from fangires by working with the Humans; for them, it is the only way to save the earth. Yuri afterwards, offered the three monsters to work with her to keep the earth's balance in check.

- The IXAs still see Kiva as an enemy, but as further episodes reveal Wataru to be Kiva by the mercenary team. They came into a pledge to help the world become a better place.

- Their main client is Mamoru Shima, a philanthropist who wants to experiment on Fangires and improve the life of humans. He also is a scientist who wants to improve the IXA unit. Yuri Aso and Megumi Aso created the belts to prevent other people in society from dying (notably: megumi's dad and brother). Nago and Megumi are the only humans who are in the 5-person team.

- The Save IXA suits in 2008 are fixed to prevent over-steaming. The Burst IXA Suit cannot be reproduced since the suit is an advanced prototype with many technological features.

- The Save IXAs are armed with a special Shotgun-like weapon that is used to cover Jiro during fangire battles in 2008 in place of the IXAcalibur.

- Nago is not a neurotic bounty hunter, but rather is a happy-go-lucky multi-level marketing sales agent who becomes a Wonderful Aozora mercenary when Jiro needs him. He falls in love with Megumi and they became married.

- There is no door of time.

- V-cinema tells the story of how Wataru met the mother of Natsumi and Masao.

- [/hide]


- Tsukasa actually destroys the riders because AU wataru reveals to him that these are only computer intelligences that harm the human by creating wars.

- Narutaki is the first Decade, but died when he fought the rider war.

- The first trailer for the conclusion movie is used. Where they live in a world where all the riders are fighting humans. Tsukasa must face Evil Tsukasa and his army of android natsumi's. The real Natsumi becomes Kivara after she goes to the world of Kiva with Kaito to run into seclusion.

- Yuki Joji (Gackt) is more involved in the story.

- More showa cards are used during episodes 16-30 [/HIDE]