Resident Evil 4 doesn’t really need a remake because the game aged well, and all it needed was a remaster. A Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake would have been better, but it is not up to me to decide. CapCom finally announced the remake’s Trailer on Playstation State of Play 2022. Resident Evil 4 is an influential game, and it is why many 3d shooters use the over-the-shoulder camera angle. The Original felt like a cheesy sci-fi action, but this remake will go for a more horror Route. D.C Douglas, the long-time Albert Wesker voice actor, was originally going to be in this game. Capcom Fired DC Douglas after he leaked assets of the game on Twitter.
Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake will be a reimagining of the...

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I like Ashley's redesign, I mean she wears mini skirt and sleeveless top in a very cold rural village in Spain. Now she looks more matching with the environment. I always scratched my head on why Ada have High heels and a super long gown in a place surrounded by mud, cow manure and dirt. Such an impractical outfit.


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I hope we wont get cut content like they did in Resident Evil 3 remake. Remakes are suppose to be an improvement from the original and removing content instead of just adding is such a downgrade.


Dc Douglas was the longest lasting Voice Actor in Resident Evil and he screwed it up by destroying their trust. I am annoyed a different actor will be voicing Wesker now.


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The original voice actress of Ashley, Is the Voice Actress of Sandy Cheeks in Sponge Bob. Too bad Capcom prefers voice actors who are not member of the Union. Are we going to have a Resident Evil 5 remake after this? I can't believe Resident Evil 5 is now 10 years old.


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I want to see Leon and Ada together in a game again. I would have preferred a new game but a Resident Evil 4 remake will do.


I am so bitter because Code Veronica deserves a remake! Resident Evil 4 don't need a remake, A simple remaster is all it needed. It aged well and it doesn't need any changes.


There is a fan made Resident Evil Code Veronica remake, Kalle, It is still in development but it looks great.


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I heard they will make this remake connected to the Netflix Original Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Ashley will be less useless. She can now throw things to the Ganados. You know what I would want on this remake. An Operation: Javier DLC and Ada's Escape DLC.


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Both Ashley and Ada will be wearing Sweaters. The classic costumes will be unlockables or DLC.

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Are we going to finally have a Code Veronica Remake after this or are they going to Remake Resident Evil 5 instead.

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