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Resident Evil Remake was one of the greatest Survival horror games of all time. It was only a remake of a classic PS1 game but its remaster renew the interest in  Survivor Horror.
As we know Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 have gone on a more action-centric route. Resident Evil Remastered as multiplatform remaster of Resident evil Remake that opens Capcom’s eye that there is a demand for horror games. It is the reason why Resident Evil 7 and 8 focused on horror and action. It also encouraged Capcom to make remakes for Resident evil 2 and 3.
Now a group of Dedicated Resident evil fans decided to  Make a Fan Made  Remake that modernizes the first game. The first remake was a classic but younger players are not into Fixed Camera angles and tank controls. This is from the same team that is also working for a fan remake of Code Veronica.
Resident evil Remake Remake

Since this is a non profit fan remake...

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