Resident Evil 4 remake: first look at Ada Wong, Luis Serra and Ashley

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Seth Larson

Resident Evil 4 Remake drops off it’s 2nd trailer together with a 10 minute footage of gameplay. Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy’s motion capture Resident Evil 2 models were kept, however Leon now has larger eye bags to more closely resemble his original RE4 model Christian Duerre. Ada Wong still sports a red dress, but it is no longer the famous Cheongsam. She is now dressed in a wool sweater  dress. Though more practical than an evening gown, it exposes more skin.
Ashley does not look as useless as her original version anymore. She seem to use guns now, so she is not a complete damsel in distress anymore.
Resident Evil 4 remake 2nd trailer

I have repeatedly completed the original and have noticed several changes. Ashley in the new version no longer has Sandy Cheeks’ voice actor, which is one aspect of the original that I...

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Eyes on the Prize

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I heard some of the changes they made is that Saddler is kind of related to Mother Miranda's cult and this game is also related to Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

Yoko Kurama

You can tell you're getting older when Capcom remakes the classic video games you played as a kid. I still have the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 that I purchased when I was younger. I've played through the game multiple times and am looking forward to the remake's debut.


I appreciate how they are altering things up since it is a remake but yet trying to keep it as similar to the original as they can. I hope they let us keep the vintage outfits from the original game. How many excellent RE games Capcom has put out in such a short period of time is very astounding. I want Ada's Escape and Operation Javier as DLCs and I want Separate ways as Unlockable.


They just won over someone like me who was a hater. I was scared that Capcom would wreck it, therefore I didn't want this to be released. I appreciate that Capcom has preserved the unique qualities of Re4 while introducing fresh features that will enhance it. Never again will I doubt you, Capcom. I am also quite pleased that the case was able to return and organize the items. I sincerely appreciate you providing this for PS4 users as well. A PS5 is still difficult to obtain.


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The game is going to be well-made. You did a great job, Capcom! I haven't played Resident Evil 4 in a long time. This encourages me to revisit the game, but with next-generation visuals. It's time to defeat that chainsaw man, do the boulder-running maneuver, and engage in another boat battle with the enormous mutant fish. How will they recreate those scenes in this remake? It appears to be excellent. The fact that Ashley is more mature and less bratty in this game intrigues me. Why did they alter her, I wonder? . I'm also hoping for remakes of Resident Evil Code Veronica, End of Umbrella, and Outbreak! Capcom, make it happen!


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It sounds that Capcom is in the midst of their second golden era, as seen by their string of masterworks. What will they remake next, I wonder? Code Veronica or Resident Evil 5?.E l Gigante has a more scarier appearance than the original and resembles a troll more than anything. I support the remake and wonder what the other creatures might look like. I hope we can take home the dog in the ending.


Ada Finally Waited!
Leon and Ada are my favorite ship in the franchise. First their love for each other is canon and the sexual tension between them is impeccable.

Whale Mutant Kun

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I thoroughly enjoyed the entire clip. Although I had some reservations, it seems that new version of RE4 will have significantly improved atmosphere and storytelling. Ada Wong's voice actress from the Re2 remake appears to have been replaced. Ada sounded different.


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I enjoy what I've seen so far; the remake seems to be faithful to the original while incorporating tons of extras. I'm thrilled that this remake seems to be mostly faithful to the original, with less garish action and more dread. I'm delighted to say that they kept some of the nostalgic elements from the beginning, but it's intriguing how they also included something fresh. Salazars' and Luis' role models are both excellent.


The Ganados behave like the werewolves of Resident Evil village, I think they recycled some assets to save money. Capcom decided to remake Re4 over Code Veronica because Resident Evil 8 is more similar to Re4 when it comes to assets.

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Sad That Ashley changes voice actress. Sandy Cheeks is my favorite Spongebob character and its a shame that she doesn't share the same voice actress anymore.


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I remember the OG Resident evil 4 back then. My friends who are not even fans of Resident evil played it too. So that is the legacy the OG had. Lets see if this remake can live up to its mark.

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