Jack Krauser appears in Resident Evil 4 remake 3rd trailer


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<p>Jack Krauser makes his glorious return for the 3rd trailer of The Resident Evil 4 remake. The trailer definitely shows that the game won’t be a frame by frame remake. It is going to a be a modern re imagining or a soft reboot of the original. Something I notice with Jack’s new appearance is that they made him look like a lean hardened military man instead of the pretty boy body builder he was in the original. He looks more rough around the edges and more agile.</p>


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I like the improvement they did here when Krauser gets to mind control Ashley, So Ashley will remove her Jacket so she will eventually look like her original version that wears a sleeveless top. Thank God she is not as annoying as she use to be in the original. The New Voice actress made her tolerable.


Since they already have character models of Leon, Ada and Krauser in the game. They better make Operation Javier as a dlc prequel and Ada's escape as a prequel too. This will make zombies available in Mercenaries instead of just fighting Ganados

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Yo, it's friggin' awesome to hear that them leaks about Krauser gettin' cut from the game were total BS. It's like a kick in the nuts when ya see one of ya favorite characters gettin' the boot in a remake or reboot. But hey, this news that the game ain't gonna be no frame-for-frame remake is like, music to my ears, ya know what I'm sayin'? That's gonna keep things fresh and interesting for all us players who already know the OG game inside and out.


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The Krauser I remember looks sexy without his shirt on. This new version of Krauser looks like a deadbeat dad.


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Oh my God, they're finally giving Luis the screen time he deserves!" I'm sure some people might feel he was better as a mysterious watcher, but I personally love this change. As a devout Resident Evil fan since the original games, I could never have imagined that the remake would look as incredibly good as it does. Having spent countless hours playing the original RE4 on multiple consoles and PC, I cannot express in words just how excited and optimistic I am for this game. It might even surpass the original in the end. Without a doubt, it's a contender for Game of the Year.


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It's like, totally awesome to see that Luis is gonna be more involved in the story and help Leon out on his adventure! It's like confirmation that this is a full-on remake, and they're adding all sorts of cool stuff to it. Luis is gonna be even more of a big deal now, and they're moving story moments around and stuff. It seems like Luis is gonna survive longer this time around, which is super cool. He's like this goofy sidekick now, and I love how they've changed up his character. That scene in the mines with Leon and Luis gave me serious Indiana Jones vibes, like, it was so rad. And they're keeping all the same areas and stuff, which is like, so dope. And now you can crouch to dodge those scythe enemies, which is like, a really interesting mechanic. And did you see that Saddler is fully bald now? That just makes him even more menacing.

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This game is insane, man! It's a total masterpiece that brings back so much nostalgia with its amplified graphics and intense atmosphere. I'm stoked that Luis is joining Leon on this adventure. It just makes sense, you know? When everything's going crazy, splitting up is a bad move. I'm so hyped for this, it's like playing RE4 all over again after almost 20 years! Can't wait!


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Oh hell yeah, Luis is gonna be sticking around for way longer in this remake! It's about damn time he got more screen time and gameplay action. Plus, that dual Gigante fight that was originally just Leon's solo gig is gonna be even more epic now that Luis is in the mix.And let's talk about that Krauser knife fight, man. It used to be a QTE lover's dream come true, but now it's a straight up brawl. I mean, let's be real, Resident Evil 6 totally ruined QTEs for us, so I'm glad they went for a real fight instead.

But what I'm really loving about this remake is the fact that the hurtbox seems to be tied to where you are now. No more getting hit from lightyears away by something that didn't even look like it reached you! Now you can actually dodge attacks if you're quick enough. It's like a whole new level of gameplay, and I'm here for it!


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I'm really excited that Ashley and Luis are going to have a bigger role in the gameplay this time around. The fact that the game is moving towards more true survival horror elements is sick! While I loved the original version, I have a feeling that this one is going to be even better. The game developers are sticking to their word and adding to the game without changing what made it great. I wasn't a fan of the minecart section in the previous version, but this new version looks absolutely badass!

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