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Ashley Graham (The Resident Evil character, not the Supermodel) is one of the most unique female characters in Resident Evil. The Whole RE lore has strong female characters. Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Sheva Alomar are all able to survive a Zombie Apocalypse on their own.
However, Ashley is the spoiled and sheltered Presidential daughter because of that she is more fragile. She is a complete damsel in distress who needs someone to rescue her. Sherry Birkin, who was a little girl, is more competent than her.
She is the first pure Damsel in Distress in the whole series. She needs Leon Kennedy to save her from the Ganados. Villagers who succumbed to an old mind-controlling parasite. Resident Evil 4 is an Action-horror escort mission where the player has to protect her at all costs. If Ashley dies, it’s game over...

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If Ashley will at least be as competent as Moira and Natalia from Resident Evil Revelations 2 , Then I won’t have issues against her. I don’t mind Damsels in distress but make them worth rescuing. Instead of a sorority party brat, make her a rich girl who helps charities.


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I believe Both Leon and Ada will get their Resident Evil 2 Remake actors. Especially Leon's because he voiced him in Infinite Darkness too.


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Julia Voth, The former model of Jill Valentine became a working actress in Hollywood because of lending her face for Jill. Sasha Zotova, enjoys YouTube and Instagram fame after playing Jill. Helena Mankowska became a successful Influencer after playing Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8. Becoming a face model for Resident Evil characters open doors of opportunities.


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She really enjoys living in Japan, She is a White girl but most of her tweets are in Japanese. I want to live in Japan too but my Dyslexic self struggles to learn a new language.


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Video Game models from the Early 2000s don't have Socials, So its hard to find them. The Model who played Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village got his mainstream acting debut in The North man. Hope Ella will get opportunities after this. She seemed like a Nice girl and she gets to play an Iconic Damsel in Distress.


Christian Duerre is the most Handsome Leon ever, but He is like the Sasquatch due to the lack of Social media accounts. He never took advantage of the fame Leon could give him. Modelling is a job for him. He is not for fame.


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Eduard Badaluta will have more Instagram followers once we got a second trailer.I believe he is still Leon's model because his face is used in Dead by Daylight as well.

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