Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X - Talk Up! [Fansub Spoilers!!!]

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Yeah, it's a few days early, I know.

Anyway, this is going to be the third in line of the SSS. About a year ago I wasn't sure that Justirisers would be that good, or even able to keep going like Grandsazer. It sounded like a one-off fluke and TOHO had gotten lucky, but it looks like we actually have a good series now in the midest of boring Kamen Riders, genericly bland Sentai and formulaic Ultraman. So, this is going to be my first full Star God series and I plan on watching it from start to finish.


Seeing how I only check on grandsazer and justiriser sporadically I'm gonna try to keep up with this this one. I'm just hoping TOHO stay with the up swing or at least keeps it close to Justiriser quality


Hopefully, Sazer X will be able to keep up the excellent writing done for Justiriser. I liked Gransazer - it was good - but the end ep for it was lacking compared to Justirisers' conclusion. JR's writers were able to do an excellent job with the comedy eps and the serious eps and I hope Sazer X's writers can do the same.


Mihara -- not to nitpick... but... I just noticed the title name you posted.... Chou Sei Kan Tai Sazer X - Talkback. Kantai is one word, according to Jeffery's dictionary, for (n) (naval) fleet; armada; (P).

At any rate... I posted in the other thread but I'll post it here as well...

Weren't Gig Fighters something used in the American Power Rangers? (I don't know if any of the Sentai series used such a term.) Or was it used in Gransazer?

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Mihara, this is off topic but I must say that is one killer avatar. :buttrock:

Also, Keith or one of the mods could you please sticky this thread?.


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First Toho series I'm gonna watch all the way through as it airs. I'm starting to download Justirisers ep 1, wanna get into that cos it looks cool and am gonna buy the Gransazer box set. :p


Gransazer never had a boxset. They sold their DVDs individually. Justirisers had one boxset (so far) and it's sold out on CDJapan so you'll have to get it from Amazon Japan or someplace else.


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Turboranger said:
the series starts October 1st I believe

Yes. You're right.

When someone got Episode 1 from TV-Nihon, can anyone upload with AVI or WMV with no BT? That would be great. Hopefully I'll watch every episodes if I like the show.


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I notice on Amazon Japan that the music for the movie is available for pre-order. It doesn't appear to be on CDJapan (or it's sister site NeoWing) at this time.


Forever Knight said:
For those lucky enough to have already seen episode 1 what did you think of it compared to Gransazer & Justiriser's 1 episodes?

Well the opening is kinda meh, after hearing the whole thing. The ending theme is silly, very silly... like super sentai silly. The first ep was pretty decent, but you really have no idea where the plot is heading to just yet considering a good amount of the cast is from the future, while the main character and a few others are from the present. Compared to the other 2 shows, Sazer X puts a lot on the table already by the first episode, you see all the vehicles, some of their abilities, all the heroes, all the villians, etc. Gordo had one line of dialogue and delivered it well. There wasn't much time for him with everything else happening I figure maybe in the next episode we'll get more out of him. Gotta wait and see I guess.

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