The board game version of PC strategy title Crusader Kings is officially ready for purchase, announced Free League Publishing today.

A strategy game set in Medieval Europe, Crusader Kings is all about power: the struggle to obtain it, rip it from someone else, and keep it from someone else trying to rip it from you. Gameplay is quite involved and includes just about everything you saw on Game of Thrones. “To win, you will need to groom your family, build mighty castles, develop your dominion, be shrewd in the realm of diplomacy and intrigue, and use your vassals wisely to grow your wealth and military power. You must survive invasions, plots, plagues, crusades to the Holy Land – and marriage!” says Free League.

  • Character Focus. The game brings characters and dynasties to the forefront, using traits and events to develop the characters and the story.
  • Grand Strategy. Crusader Kings is a grand strategy game at heart, and so is the board game. To win, you will need to plan decades ahead and outwit your opponents.
  • Emergent Storytelling. Like the computer game, the board game has an events system (using cards) that interacts with the game mechanics to create unexpected and memorable story twists.
  • Steeped in History. The board game is based on historical characters and events of the Middle Ages, letting you relive – and change – the course of actual history.

You can secure your copy of Crusader Kings today on the Free League webshop, or if you’re attending GenCon 2019 in Indianapolis, you can get it there. The game will be for same and demo-able at the Free League booth, #2664, or the Paradox Interactive booth, #349.