Earlier this year, Cameroon-based studio Kiro’o Games released Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, a fantasy action game set in a world based on African mythology. The game’s central characters are Enzo and Erene, king and queen of the nation of Zama. Your main task is to get their butts back on the throne — it’s been seized by treacherous enemies, sending them into exile. Obviously there are several similarities between this and Black Panther, so fans of the movie may want to take a look.

Black Panther started out as a comic book, though. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan can’t claim that — until now. Kiro’o Games has been releasing a prequel story starring Enzo and Erene one page at a time, and the response has been positive enough that they’re printing it as a book. Unlike the online version, the physical edition of Aurion will be in color.

Cameroon’s video game studio Kiro’o Games is well on its way to converting its game- Aurion: The Heritage of Kori-Odan to other media outlets. The comic strip from the first African-Fantasy A-RPG has just been released as a fully colored volume, with no less than 220 pages and 10 chapters; it is available on Amazon in both English and French.

Since 2018, the studio has been offering online free black and white episodes of its comic strip to test the community’s interest. Kiro’o surpassed the 100K-downloads mark on its website; the positive feedbacks from fans motivated them to produce this colored volume. This first volume focuses on the king and queen of Zama’s early adventures, including the coup d’état that will lead them into an exile.

The first volume of the Aurion comic is available now on Amazon for $39.99. The second volume will be out this November, probably for the same price.

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