Dragon Star Varnir was recently published by Idea Factory on the Playstation 4, and soon it will be coming to PCs as well via Steam. The company has announced an October 2019 release window.

Zephty is a knight in a world of dragons and witches, and he’s been assigned to rid the world of them both. But his mission is complicated when, after being attacked by a dragon, two witches save his life with a dragon blood brew.

Grateful for the rescue, the knight starts questioning everything he knows….and, ultimately, switches sides to battle dragons alongside the witches. You defeat these dragons via a unique three-dimensional gameplay mechanic that has the witches attack in high and low tiers. The trio soon find out some dragons are more powerful than others, AND not all witches are friendly….

Key Features
3 Tiers to Fear – In this unique take on the classic turn-based battle system, players take flight and charge at dragons in three vertically-oriented tiers. Strategize how you position your party members as certain dragons have strengths and weaknesses depending on what tier you attack from. Some giant dragons can also swipe through all three tiers, so tread carefully!

Awaken Your Inner Dragon – When attacking an enemy during battle, players fill up their Dragon Gauge. Once maxed, they can transform and harness the power of dragons, drastically increasing their armor and unlocking abilities!

Welcome to Devour Hour – Once an enemy dragon is weakened, players can utilize the Devour skill to obtain a skill tree unique to that dragon. With multiple dragons roaming the land, players can explore different dragon skill trees and combinations that can lead you to victory!

Madness or Riches? – Three witches depend on you to bring them dragon’s blood as food. Starve them, and they go mad. Overfeed them, and they become a dragon! Will you keep them alive or sacrifice them to obtain rare items? The choice is ultimately yours, but each decision you make can change your ending.

Dragon Star Varnir is available now on Playstation 4. Look for the PC version this Halloween.