Ever since Richard Connell first wrote the short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” it’s been adapted, re-adapted and re-interpreted countless times over the decades. The most recent attempt is the Chinese film “The Prey,” which will soon be released here with English subtitles thanks to Dark Star Pictures.

Xin is an undercover cop on a secret mission, who falls into a Cambodian prison run by a corrupt warden. This creep sells his prisoners to wealthy folks with loose morals and loaded rifles, and soon Xin finds himself in the Most Dangerous Game situation. If he survives the game, he’ll be allowed to escape freely. If he loses….he’ll be stuffed and mounted as a conversation piece in somebody’s study. Move those legs, Xin!

“The Prey is an exceptionally fun, high strung action film that is exhilarating from start to finish,” says Dark Star President Michael Repsch. “But what really drew us to the film was the societal context – specifically the look at how class systems can be taken to the extreme, which could not be more relevant in our society today.”

The Prey has played at Busan International Film Festival 2018, BFI London Film Festival 2018, Hawaii Film Festival 2018, Night Visions, and Fantasia Film Festival 2019. It stars Byron Bishop, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Nophand Boonyai, Vithaya Panringarm (ONLY GOD FORGIVES), and Gu Shang Wei, and was written and directed by Jimmy Henderson.

The Prey will get a limited theatrical release this October, followed by an appearance on DVD and VOD.

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