When you see the High Octane Pictures label, you expect some kind of B-horror spectacle, or an independent action thriller, or a sci-fi feature…but their upcoming Carol of the Bells is something completely different.

It’s a drama about — and starring — adults with developmental disabilities. The focus is on a young man with a rough past who’s been searching for his birth mother. When he finds her, he’s shocked to learn of her mental disability. His wife aids him in helping the man deal with the discovery and re-connect with his lost mom.

Carol of the Bells was directed by Joey Travolta, who’s worked on many movies over the years including “Beverly Hills Cop III”, “Oscar” and “Amazon Women on the Moon.” These days he teaches filming to students with developmental disabilities at Inclusion Films, who produced this movie alongside Futures Explored, Inc. and Options for All.

More actors in Hollywood are disabled than you realize. This movie’s lineup includes people like RJ Mitte (“Breaking Bad”), Lee Purcell (“Due South”), Andrea F. Friedman (“Chicago Hope”), Yuly Mireles (“Animal Kingdom”),  Donna Pescow (“Saturday Night Fever”),  Geri Jewell (“Deadwood”), Elijah Maximus and Emmy Winner Donna Mills.

Carol of the Bells will be out on DVD and digital March 3, courtesy of High Octane Pictures.

A young man with a troubled past seeks out his biological mother. His world is turned upside down upon discovering that she is developmentally disabled. Unable to work through this new discovery on his own, the man’s wife takes matters into her own hands forcing her husband to face the truth and heal the past.
A crew of 70% individuals with developmental disabilities recently produced Carol of the Bells through Travolta’s Inclusion Films.