Japanese titles with purposely lowercase letters…ruining the layout of many a headline. As much as we’d like to type “Hero Must Die — Again!” and not risk a comment correcting us, that’s not the correct syntax for Degica Games’ latest RPG, Hero must die. again.

And that’s not the only way this game bucks convention. The term Deciga is using is actually “anti-RPG,” because it’s an adventure where you start out strong and get weaker. You’re a brave hero who has ALREADY fought his greatest battle, defeated a fearsome demon and saved the world. Unfortunately, you perished in that fight, but the gods have agreed to grant you five more days on Earth to settle your affairs.

  • Fantasy anti-RPG where the hero starts at his strongest, and grows weaker as time passes
  • Over 50 different funeral (endings) depending on what the hero accomplished
  • 8 unique heroines to woo, each with their own personalities and motivations.
  • Visit the world you have just saved, and resolve remaining problems to lead it to the best possible future

We’re not sure why you’re wooing anyone, given how you’re fated to die, but…that’s what the bullet list says.

Hero must die. again was previously only available in Japan, on the PS Vita, but Deciga Games is bringing it to the US on three modern platforms: PS4, Switch and PC. The PS4 and PC versions will be out February 26; the Switch version will follow a day later on February 27.

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