Gamestop is so grimy, so corrupt, and so bad at basic customer service, they almost don’t need a rival to be taken down. They’re kicking their own behinds quite well, even with approaching obsolescence gnawing at their heels. But competition is on the horizon anyway, with the announcement of GameChanger — a video game kiosk that accepts used discs as currency.

Yes, it’s true: according to the company, “GameChanger kiosks use a patented method to authenticate used video games for both content and playability while offering customers immediate payment via e-gift cards. It all takes just seconds.” This takes away the one advantage Gamestop could crow about, and if GameChanger ends up giving gamers a better value, this could be the end.

GameChanger had a test launch in several supermarkets and malls last year, and it appears to have gone well, so they’re expanding in 2020. Fourteen new states will be getting GameChanger kiosks. Their only real competition in this exact field would have been RedBox, if those guys hadn’t retired their game rental option recently.

Real talk here: if you see a GameChanger in your neighborhood and your choice is between it and Gamestop, choose the kiosk. But if you also have the option of supporting an independent, mom-and-pop game store, CHOOSE THAT. You can’t hurt the feelings of a computer, and Gamestop deserves to go down, but small businesses need your support and will appreciate every dollar, and will probably give you the best trade-in value too.

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