Sigil Entertainment, creators of Nox Mortis, Sigil: Magic & Strategy and Ball Buster, are about to introduce their latest: the grid-based game of war, Battlecraft.

Battlecraft is a turn-based strategy game, but don’t let that term fool you…it’s a strategy game where it’s ALWAYS your turn. Both players make their decisions at once, leading to a fast-paced match where you have to stay several steps ahead of your opponent! Can you guess what they’ll do? You’ll have to get good at predicting the future….

  • Compete in seamless online multiplayer matches.
  • Level up and unlock new abilities in single-player RPG mode.
  • Customize your army with more than 20 unique characters.
  • Test your wits in simultaneous turn-based gameplay.
  • Earn a high online ranking and the top spot on the leaderboards.

Battlecraft will launch simultaneously on PC (via Steam) and mobile devices (iOS and Android) on February 10.

Battlecraft features head-to-head battles that are fast. A fresh twist on the classic tactics genre, the game lets you craft a hard-hitting army from 20+ unique heroes, deploy your troops, and win by outsmarting your opponent on the battlefield. Turns are always taken simultaneously; whether you opt for single-player RPG mode or face a live opponent, waiting is never an issue šŸ™‚