Video games offer a lot of interesting stories, and because of that, developers try and make unique ones whenever they can. And that’s exactly what the dev team behind Gray Dawn has done. For they have made what they call a “religious thriller” title. One that has you traveling through two worlds to clear your name.

You play as Markus Abraham, a catholic priest who is thought to have murdered one of his altar boys. He thought the boy was possessed and after performing an exorcism that went wrong, the boy disappeared, which made him look very guilty.

Abraham sets out on a quest to prove his innocence, and you’ll explore the real and unreal universes of Gray Dawn. You will be tempted by demonic manifestations that remind you of your past sins and try to drive you into delusion!

Here are some of the features of Gray Dawn:

  • Explore the vibrant colored world of Gray Dawn in first-person view.
  • Interact with objects you find along the way to guide you in regaining your memories.
  • Solve puzzles that are scattered across the Gray Dawn universe that will help further  your quest to prove yourself innocent.
  • Travel through an eerie universe of blood and despair, terrible memories, and demonic nightmares.

Or, if you’re looking for a true look at the gameplay, check out this just-released gameplay video!

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