Russian game developer Unfrozen Studios has been working on Iratus: Lord of the Dead, a new roguelike RPG, and they’re about ready to reveal it to the world — and get some funding. A Kickstarter for the game officially launched today with a goal of $20,000.

In Iratus you play as the bad guy: the titular character happens to be Lord of the Dead and a powerful necromancer — but not powerful enough yet to conquer the world. That’s where you guys come in! By journeying through the dungeons and defeating monsters, Iratus can collect their bones and reanimate them to increase the numbers of his undead army!

Not for the faint of heart, Iratus: Lord of the Dead engages players in a tactical dungeon-crawler, where players collect the body parts of their fallen foes and use Iratus’s mastery of the necromantic arts to grow their army. Players can craft minions with different stats and abilities depending on the ‘ingredients’ selected allowing players to fine tune their undead army.

The roguelike RPG tests player’s tactical prowess against the denizens of the living, using alchemy and magic to empower Iratus’s loyal minions including skeletons, zombies and vampires. While the minions are the frontline grunts in battle, players can use Iratus himself to change the tide. By spending mana, players can use iratus to case spells onto the battlefield to strengthen his minions or weaken his foes.

Unsure? Play the demo! Unfrozen is giving out free demos to anyone who asks for them on their official Discord channel. Log on and see what Iratus is all about.

Unfrozen Studios has been in operation for fifteen years, but this is their first original independent title. The Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter will be live until June 21. The game itself will hit Steam Early Access this August.

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