Who is The Strongest tokusatsu character??


Well, er, he didn't really...survive the Oxygen Destroyer.

...but then nothing else anywhere else could.

It's our secret weapon against God and Cthulu after all.


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Apart from Godzilla and Chuck.
Kabuto doesnt really reach my path of heaven. Tsukasa was average at best as Decade, even when killing Riders, most of them off-screen. Decade's powers are unlimited, like the Dummy dopant, only problem- the user is a blob. Hell, I'd be 10xtimes better as Decade, hence my name.
Den-O can get a Super-Ultra-Amazing-Overpovered-ChoClimax form and still be at par with Ryuki (IMO Ryuki is the weakest Rider, flame away at will)

My vote goes for Agito. He's like the Zeo crystal, getting stronger and evolving constantly. Meaning he could Rider kick everything with his deep Agito-ish breathing. His whole theme is about evolution. (lol)

I'm really behind on Ultraman series som my opinion is bound to be flawled.

For sentai- Gokaigers. Yes, they are multiple Decades, meaning unlimited combos and powers in combinations beyond awesome. If the next sentai isnt about childrens of different Gods, then pirates will always win.


If it was not for the cancellation and the horrible rushed ending of Nexus, I would say that Zagi was pretty close to the King level.
He could create entire dimensions, create monsters that could generate themselves, as well as turning normal humans into indestructible war machines.
He basically fucked up everyone without lifting a finger himself.

If King is the God of the Toku universe, then Zagi has to be the devil.


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An Ultraman God? Dude, you're scaring me.
When did the Zero movie come out, is it on the net yet?


It hasn't hit DVD yet, but one of the spoilers showed Noa as a giant to even Zero (Noa being Nexus' true form, to those who don't know) and granting him Ultimate Power in his fight with Belial.

Not sure the EXACT particulars of that, considering everything, but when you remember that Noa was mentioned way back in the original series as some Prehistoric Ultra Being, and take into account how easily he defeated Dark Zagi...


The Strongest Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider New Den-O
The Strongest Super Sentai is Kyuu Sentai GoGoFive

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