Which Toku Blu-ray/DVD/TVN for 2011 are you most pumped for?


Red Falcon
All of 'em basically ! :D

Anyway you didn't have to include W Forever since its already out ... i'm just sayin' though

Gosei VS Shinken together with Ultraman Zero Movie is a must get for me but since Mako is returning for W Returns: Eternal, i may snagged that as well :D


I'm excited for all of them, but the sad truth is I'm only going to afford buying Kamen Rider W/Goseiger 3D Edition Blu-ray and Goseiger vs. Shinkenger Blu-ray.

is there any word if Ultraman Zero Movie Blu-ray will have official english subs like Ultra Galaxy Legend the Movie did ?


now Nerd Emperor
It would've been "Goseiger vs. Shinkenger"... but since I already watched it in theaters in Japan, not so much anymore.

Now I'm looking forward to both of the W Returns movies most.

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