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  • I like it over here better then any other sites ive been trying to find since the old PRE went down. The peeps here make me laugh. XD
    That would explain it. Then again my memory is so shot its unreal. :/ You like it over here better? You are pretty active here.
    Why yes i was. =D I was Blazing Tiger there too. Most peeps call me Bethie or Tiger though. Feel free to. :3
    Likewise. I haven't posted in quite awhile. It feels good to be back in the zone, that is HJU.
    oh hey. =)
    nothing much, but I'm currently doing an intensive Japanese Language course from Mon-Sat (though my Sat classes are almost done).
    might be going to further my studies in Japan in another year or two!
    surprisingly warm up there? lol it's been warm down here in socal for the last few months! i stay home most of the time now cuz i just can't take the heat!
    mine was ok i guess. i just stayed over at friend's house cuz i didn't want to party with the fam and relatives. :p
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