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Forever Knight

Eye See You
Lots of rain comin' down here. I just want a little bit of sun today.

My pool is opened yet I can't go swimming. You should see how sexy I look in speedos.

Algo Fonix

Actually back this time
It rained here yesterday like all evening. Today it's all sunny and hot... and humid as balls. I love summer and all, but I hate how humid it gets here.

Kamen Rider Cero-G

is now a pony, it seems.
Little cloudy here. It better not rain, I gotta go to my friend's graduation party today.

In other news, I got bored and started working on storyboards for a music video idea I came up with a while back. Too bad I suck at drawing:laugh:
Made 250DKK (Just about $50) for setting up my half brothers laptop... Money for following instructions on the screen is awesome :laugh:
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