Viewing Globe Number Six - Numbers One Through Five Now on Netflix

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Today feels like a Weekday for some reason....

For me not :disappoin Weekdays usually have better stuff on tele than weekends here most of the time... A lot of channels here simply air movies, and not good movies most of the time. Weekdays at least have something worth watching, Comedy, Crime.


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
Im sure if we all beg enough hed be so kind as to take pics and show them off. I doubt theirs much to them though./

FK has this:

Wednesday is the end of Freshman year :dance:
2 Tests, 6th and 7th+8th and my Social Studies exam the 21st :buttrock: I'm getting there. And I can most likely get SU in October :castlerock: If I get it I will most likely get 2728DKK($522) per month just for staying in School :castlerock: Do want :p


Now Demonic
I think I need to stop coming to this site. I just had a dream where it was revealed Keith created Minecraft and insulted my old computer.
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