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  • Reminds me of when I was writing Xtreme's finale. Got to the point where I had Xtreme and Decade fighting one on one with Gale Rock Yuki Ryu-O Kuuga Kivara and DiEnd fighting the remaining Heisei riders from Agito to Kiva... it was hell. :laugh:
    The problem with gundam is the large scale battles. The characters I'm fine with, it's just when they get into the mobile suits that I have trouble with. :laugh:
    I've been far too busy these past few weeks, I've even fallen behind on Gaim and Toqger. :(

    Whatever floats your boat I guess. :laugh:

    I tried writing a Gundam fic once... did not end well. :laugh:
    Cool, I'm on break with my story at the moment so I'm just sitting here looking for something to do. :laugh:
    That's okay, good thing is now I've had time to finish the Decade arc in the time you've been gone. :D
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