Ultraman Ginga S - News/Rumors Thread


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Anyone else think that Ginga is Victory's descendant since he's from the future???
Well, that could make a good origin story, also perhaps the experimentation with the crystals from the villains made Ginga and possibly Dark Lugiel with how similar the two were.
Also, I wonder how many episodes will be until we see Ginga's new form anyway?


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My only question about This series is about the actors of Season 1 , if they Will make a cameo or only Hikaru and Tomoya Will be ones of Season one? , i Wanted see more of Hikaru And Misuzu couple...
I think there's a possibility of Misuzu and Hikaru's grandfather making appearances but I don't see Kenta or Chigusa appearing, I think the extra episode was partly to give those 2 a farewell.


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Yeah, i cant WAIT for cameos , And This Season is All Season long or only 16 Episodes? i Saw in a site beafore that This is gonna for 40 Episodes but i thing was only a rumor...


It's definitely only going to be sixteen episodes.

I just hope there's no several month long break smack in the middle like there was previously.


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Hopefully Ginga will have another Movie Special or an actual 1 hour length movie during on the break or after the series.


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Somebody needs to get to subbing, ASAP!!!

Actually, the first episode for Ultraman Ginga S has already been subbed by GingaAnon, who translated from chinese subs. I would say that it was pretty accurate although the op and ed weren't subbed, as well as title screens for the names of the locations.

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IIRC Millionfold Curiosities also released a status update last weekend where they mentioned that OT's Ginga sub is still expected to get finished eventually, and will likely go onto Ginga S afterwards.


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Episode 3 will definitely have Taro giving Ginga's Storium form.

about that... according to Bandai, it's "Strium", not "Storium"


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