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レイモン (雷蒙)

Ginga vs EX Red King

By the way, it seems like not all Spark Dolls were release back to its original monster form somehow.


One of my best friends is named Beth.

But I don't consider those three to be Ultras because they're cartoons.

Seems really silly, especially since Tsuburaya themselves count them as well as Jonias.

They DO have live-action counterparts in Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie and in stage shows.

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I saw them in the movie that introduced Zero. It also featured the first Ultra I was ever exposed to. Great.

I'm actually working on an American Ultra.

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But I don't consider those three to be Ultras because they're cartoons.
They made suits of them for some live shows in Japan which were used in scenes of crowds of Ultras in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend. So cartoon-originated, but they have been in official Japanese live-action releases :sweat:
Where did Jack's name come from???

Originally the name Jack was given to Ultraman Taro. The idea was dropped when they decided "family" to be the main theme of the series,and "Taro" means "the first child" in Japanese.

They wound up giving New Ultraman a name when they were making Ultraman Story, a movie focused on Taro and the Ultra family. The producer felt the character must have an actual name because in the movie the Ultra brothers would often address each other by their names, and it would be confusing using names like "New Ultraman" or "Ultraman II." They just picked Taro's unused name because.... you guessed it, because it's Taro's movie!


I love it when they film giant mecha/monster battles outside instead of filming them within the studios. It just looks spectacular. That was why I loved Go-Buster's mech battles in the early episodes.


レイモン (雷蒙)
I guess Victory is the first secondary Ultra to appear very early than the usual secondary Ultras that appears later on about 5 gaps of episodes of the show.


Just finished the first episode. It already looks tons better than Ginga and I look forward to seeing more.

I didn't like the Victory suit initially but it's grown on me now.

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