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    Bro, I'm not in any way trying to offend you. It's just that I'm kinda tick off by people who repeatedly state something obvious. I just got a lot grief with people talking like that, couple with me being in a bad place in my life, probably why I lashed at you. I'm really sorry if I offend you in any way, I just want to make peace now. No hard feelings okay?

    Thanks a lot
    Still the captain obvious, I see. Seriously, stop doing that
    Yeah, it can't be helped.

    Yeah, I mean it really makes NO sense whatsoever & yes, WHAT A JOKE! I can delete my post & re-edited in order to fix the conversation properly but still remains UNRESOLVED!! That's it, I'm done with HJU until those issues has been resolved. Wrong messages shall be damned. *facepalm* :disappoin
    Just ignore them. Some people care & some don't.

    Yeah, seriously, They're just a bunch of Dicks & hypocrites these days & they have NO rules whatsoever even I've been reported to HJU mods but they're NOT helping, really & they should refraining them from what their post otherwise i'll be damned & my life is become miserable because of it. :mad:
    You know what? Those people on HJU are always trying to run their mouth about my post all the time even the Mistakes that I've been made even the damage has been already done.

    Seriously, I speak to my mind whatever the hell I want but they thought that I was Immoral & stupid. :disappoin

    god, I hate myself. What's wrong with this forum? People should refrain from they posting otherwise they should get banned about it due to 'posting nonsense'.
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