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  • I can't seem to PM you as well, but I am interested in the Shaider figuart if it's still available. You can PM me with what your asking price is.
    Interested in the KR Nigo Figuart... i can't seem to send you a PM. (maybe cause i'm new on the forums) please PM me so we can try to make a deal, I wanna know how much you're trying to get for him so I don't give you a lowball offer.

    Thanks so much
    I replied Sintide although I have no idea why you couldn't send me a pm. Try it again it should work just fine.
    i would like to take these, and i was wondering why cant i pm you. offer 65 shipped 94122
    Kamen Rider OOO Super Tatoba
    Kamen Rider Birth Prototype
    Hey, I saw your sale and don't know if it's updated and I'd like to discuss some options for purchase, some now, some in the near future and would like to discuss prices of the figures in mind. I will note I want to support you but id like not to be ripped off in the price, however i trust you and await our discussion on the subject
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