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<p>Coming off the creative achievement of the amazing third episode of The Last Of Us, it was inevitable that the fourth installment of “The Adventures of Joel & Ellie” would have a hard time achieving the same artistic high note of its predecessor. Having established now that the series can detour completely into poignant, self-contained storytelling, would they simply return to tales from the road to en route to rescue Joel’s brother, Tommy? As it turns out, yes.</p>


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Yeah you are being harsh because it is the best videogame adaptation at this moment. Compare this to the adaptations of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and all those failed videogame adaptation. At least Joel and Ellie are the lead and not some OG character played by Milla Jocovich.


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I really don't like Kathleen. Her behavior can be extremely annoying and I can't wait for her to be feasted on by the Mushroom people.

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I disagree with the author's view on the fourth episode of The Last of Us. I thought the episode was just as good, if not better, than the previous ones. The dynamics between Joel and Ellie are what makes the show so captivating, and their interactions in this episode were spot on. The storyline also kept me on the edge of my seat even though I already knew the whole story for playing the game for over 10 years.


I must say, The Last of Us is a huge improvement from all the other video game adaptations out there. The show manages to keep true to the spirit of the game while also adding its own unique twists and turns.
'm really not looking forward to Abby showing up in Season 2. The Last of Us is all about the charming, endearing relationship between Joel and Ellie, and bringing in another character could completely disrupt that. I don't want to see that dynamic get ruined by the most hated character

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Something I notice, I observed is that Joel always hesitates before reassuring Ellie with phrases such as "nobody's going to find us" or "we're going to get out of this". This behavior dates back to episode one when she says "you know where to go... so we're going to be okay" and Joel takes a while to respond with "Yeah".Ah, Joel had made a promise to Sarah in that inaugural episode that they would be fine, and that weight has been burdening him for two decades. And when he assured Ellie that no one would find them in the woods, he felt compelled to stay up and stand guard. Pedro truly nailed the portrayal of this in Joel's facial expressions and way of talking.


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I'm extremely irritated by the excessive "filler" chatter. It's a shame that people are so impatient nowadays. If every scene is jam-packed with intense, high-stakes drama, it eventually loses its effectiveness. Although episodes like this rarely make it onto anyone's "top ten" list, they are crucial for character development and world-building. They help to ensure that the truly significant moments have the desired impact.


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Hey, in my opinion, episode 4 serves as a bridge to the main story rather than being the main story itself. Although it doesn't have all the important plot elements, it does give you crucial information that helps you understand and emotionally connect with the main story. From what I can sense, episode 5 is going to be an intense and emotionally charged experience, and episode 4 has laid the groundwork for this to happen. I have to admit that I'm not familiar with the game and have no prior knowledge of the story, so this is purely based on my speculation from the episode's structure and pacing. All in all, episode 4 is an important stepping stone in the narrative and sets the stage for what's to come.


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I watched the episode and Joel Confirmed he did some bad things, he became a raider in other people's perspective at one point, So its now shock Abby see him as Satan


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You know, I was watching the show and it hit me - bringing video game characters to the TV screen is no small feat. I mean, take Joel, for example. In the game, he's a beast. He can take a bullet, headshot three guys, throw a molotov, stealthily take out stragglers, and then smash the last guy's face in with a brick - all in one go. And he can do it again and again without breaking a sweat.

But in the TV show, it's a different story. Joel can't just shake off a bullet wound, and he can't take on a whole army by himself like he does in the game. When he gets hurt in the show, there are consequences - like that nasty hand bruise he got after taking out that guard in the first episode. The show's Joel is mortal, and he has limits to his energy.

And because of that, the show might not have the same level of spectacle as the game in certain instances. It's just the reality of bringing these characters to life in a different medium.
I gotta say, I really dig the way Ellie takes out that guy who's attacking Joel in the show. There's this tension in the scene - you can feel her reluctance, but also the urgency of the moment. It's a tricky balance to strike, but they pull it off.

And that guy begging for his life? That's some brutal stuff, man. But it's also effective storytelling. It really hammers home the stakes of this world and what these characters are up against.


Mate, I gotta tell ya, I loved it! So stoked we finally got to see the joke book from the game. On Twitter, I kept seeing all these gamers asking if we were ever gonna get it, so it was great to finally see it make an appearance. They switched things up a bit with the magazine Ellie finds in Bill's stash, but she still ends up with the joke book, so it's all good.

And I gotta say, I was completely floored by Jeffery Pierce as Tommy - I kept thinking, "Damn, this guy sounds just like him!" And then it hit me - he is him! It was such a cool surprise. I'm really hoping Nolan North makes a cameo appearance too, that would be epic.

The bonding between Joel and Ellie was so heartwarming, man. And I think it would've been sick if the guy in the laundry mat was the same guy from the game that Joel smashes into the shard of glass near the cooler. You know, the one from the grocery store? That would've been such a cool nod to the game.

Anyway, I'm pumped that Sam and Henry are finally coming into the picture, and from the looks of the preview for next week, it's gonna get even crazier with the Bloater and the school playground. Can't believe the series is almost over, but it's been a wild ride.
To be completely honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the fourth episode. The way they portrayed the bonding between Ellie and Joel was absolutely fantastic, and the use of so many TLOU elements made it feel like it was lifted directly from the game. This episode has really solidified my overall feelings towards the series. To put it simply, I'm eagerly looking forward to what's next.

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