The Last of Us, Episode 8 Review

Ethan Kirchner

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Loved first Season in totality but I am so nervous for Season 2. I hope they will make it a midquel before part 2 so we will see more of Ellie and Joel.


If the previous episode seemed like filler but had a lovely backstory for Ellie, this is where things get intense. There is movement, conflict, and outright violence here. Joel is now free to continue caring for Ellie after brutally killing the cannibal David in full psycho killer mode.The final episode will either be fantastic and end on a high note, or it will be the most contentious, as Bella Ramsey predicted. To make matters worse, it will be broadcast on the same day as the Academy Awards. In any case, I'm hoping Sunday doesn't disappoint.

Melancholy Hill

There's Plastic tree
There is only one more episode before the season is over, and they have all been fantastic. I like Ellie because she is a character who does everything in her power to defend herself and has won Joel's heart. It makes me think of the excitement I experienced while watching The Walking Dead and Black Summer.
Just found out that the actor who plays James in this episode is Troy Baker, he is Joel's voice in the videogame. From the main character he got demoted into a villain but its nice that he makes a cameo on this show.


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I expected it to be a mediocre series, but I was mistaken. They release this episode just when I thought there was nothing new. It should take home a slew of Emmys and Golden Globes.


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Please don't hate me but I think this show is just okay. For sure it is good for a videogame adaptation knowing all the garbage we have in the past but the game is better.


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I don't know about you guys, but I think that maybe, just maybe, the crying girl at the beginning of the chapter could be Abby, but with the story completely changed. A curious fact is that David was mentioned to be a teacher before the apocalypse, and when he fights with Ellie, he says he likes it when they resist, which could mean that in his past as a teacher, he abused his female students.

King Bam

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The revelation of David's true nature was quite shocking. Cannibalism? What about child brides? It's almost unbearably painful. But I have to give the writers credit for going there and making the show that much more compelling as a result.

The fact that Ellie was eventually able to save herself was such a satisfying ending to the episode. It speaks to her character's strength and resourcefulness, in my opinion. I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the finale.


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Cheerio, chaps! The highly anticipated finale of The Last of Us is set to air next week, and I must say, it's going to be an absolute corker. This adaptation of the game series has taken me on a jolly old emotional rollercoaster, and it's been a jolly unforgettable experience, what!

It's bloomin' difficult to believe that this incredible journey is finally coming to a close. I implore you, don't miss this final chapter, as it's going to be a wild ride chock-full of heart-pounding action and shocking twists. You won't want to miss a single second of this epic conclusion. So hold on to your hats, chaps, and prepare for a right proper unforgettable experience!


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What an exciting and emotional episode! The Last of Us' powerful storytelling and expertly crafted characters continue to impress me. I completely agree that the setting of an abandoned house added an extra layer of intensity to the story. Despite her young age, Bella Ramsey consistently delivers such a strong performance as Ellie. And Scott Shepherd's performance as David was truly terrifying. I would never have guessed where his character was going.


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While I appreciate David's character development, the revelation of his cannibalism felt a little forced and extreme. It almost felt like the writers were attempting to make him a truly evil villain.


I'm really enjoying how involved I've become in these characters and their stories. The Last of Us has surpassed my expectations and established itself as one of the best shows of 2023. I'm excited to see what else the writers have in store for us in the future.
The Last of Us has established a new benchmark for video game adaptations. It's clear that a lot of thought and care went into creating this series, and it shows in every episode. I'm already planning to rewatch the entire series once it's finished.


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I've been recommending The Last of Us to everyone I know and urging them to watch it. I think everyone will enjoy this show because it is fascinating and captivating. I'm eager to discuss the conclusion with everyone. In a sea of unoriginal and uninspired television, The Last of Us stands out as a true masterpiece. It will undoubtedly be regarded as a great work from our generation. I'm incredibly appreciative of the chance to travel on this amazing adventure with such enduring people.


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Because I had already played the game, I was skeptical about how it would translate to the screen. But I have to say that the show has exceeded even my wildest expectations. I'm excited to see where The Last of Us goes next because it has truly distinguished itself as something distinct.

I like how The Last of Us never shies away from dealing with difficult or uncomfortable subjects. What distinguishes the show, in my opinion, is its willingness to delve into dark themes and explore difficult material.


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Ellie did something we all wanted to do: she killed David, that creep. I can feel what she went through - the helplessness, pain, anger, and shock. When something breaks inside, she knows exactly how to show it.


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I was deeply moved by the episode where Joel, despite being d injured, found the strength to help Ellie. Ellie's emotions were also wonderful. I love The Last of Us very much.David's intentions were left up for interpretation in the original game, but they were made clearer in this adaptation. Only because it's something we see happening every day did Ellie's immediate reaction unsettle me. Bella gave a great performance.


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I was very glad I didn't play the game after watching this episode. It is unmatched to witness such an antagonist's growth in such a fantastic episode. I was worried that the subsequent episodes wouldn't be as good after the third one, but they turned out to be, albeit in a different way, just as good.It's impressive how disturbed this episode left me due to David and the final scene where he attempts to sexually assault Ellie while the ceiling is collapsing on them. From the beginning of the episode, David gave me the feeling of being a pedophile. I felt angry and powerless. The performances of everyone were spectacular.

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