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<p>Horror television is often looking for a way to surprise the audience. It might be through a well-timed jump scare, a ghastly monster design or unexpected death of a beloved character. Rarely is that surprise achieved by completely shaking up the formula and dropping what equates to a self-contained short film about a love story into the middle of the season. Episode 3 of The Last of Us dares to challenge its audience and succeeds in delivering a truly unique viewing experience.</p>
Absolutely, Nick Offerman's acting as Bill was spot on. He really captured the character's rough exterior and closed off demeanor. The scene where Frank tries to build a rapport with him was especially memorable, and it was great to see how Frank's approach eventually softened Bill's attitude. I most hate changes in adaptation but this is a welcome change since in the game, Frank hanged himself because he had a toxic relationship with Bill. Here we are given the perfect love story with two people who happens to be men.


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Disappointed that Ellie never had interaction with Bill but the story we end up having is better


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I can understand why you might feel that way about Ellie not interacting with Bill. It would have been interesting to see how those two characters would have interacted with each other. However, the story that we ended up with was still very compelling and I think it was for the best. The dynamic between Bill and Frank was already complex enough and adding another character into the mix may have muddled the story. The focus was on exploring the relationship between Bill and Frank, and I think that was a wise choice. It allowed for a deeper dive into those two characters and the themes of empathy and understanding. Overall, I think the story was still well crafted and satisfying, even without Ellie's interaction with Bill.

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Nick Offerman's portrayal of Bill was nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to convey a plethora of emotions through his expressions and gestures was truly a sight to behold. I was deeply moved by the vulnerability and depth he brought to the character of Bill. It was evident that Bill was grappling with his fears and anxieties, and Nick was able to tap into that with such raw emotion that it was impossible not to feel affected. He truly brought Bill's inner turmoil to life and made the audience connect with him on a deep and emotional level. Nick's portrayal of Bill was truly a tour-de-force, leaving a lasting impact on all who witnessed it.


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Frank's arrival in the scene was pivotal in changing the atmosphere. Through his use of humor and sincere desire to connect with Bill, he was able to diffuse the tension and create a much more relaxed atmosphere. This starkly contrasted with Bill's initial mistrust and further emphasized the transformative power of kindness. The scene was a testament to the impact that even the smallest acts of compassion can have and was, in my opinion, one of the most touching and heartwarming love stories ever portrayed.


I hate those a-holes from IMDB. First this review bombed Miss Marvel and she-hulk and now they review bombed this beautiful masterpiece. They are obviously homophobic.
It's without a doubt that Murray Bartlett's performance as Frank was equally outstanding. He infused the scene with a sense of levity and positivity that was greatly needed, and it was truly impressive to see how he was able to establish a connection with Bill through his humor. This serves as a powerful reminder of the immense impact that humor can have in bridging gaps and fostering connections between individuals. It's only fitting that these talented actors receive recognition in the form of Emmy's for their remarkable performances.


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What an episode! It is testament to the fantastic acting skills of Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett. They have created an emotional connection with the audience and brought their characters to life in a unique and memorable way.


This episode is a magnificent masterpiece of audacity, daring to shake the foundations of what the audience expects. The heartwarming love story between Bill and Frank is a breath of fresh air, breaking free from the oppressive chains of dreary and gloomy story lines that this show is known for.


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This latest episode of the show has truly left us in awe. Its boldness and courage to challenge the audience's expectations have been truly remarkable. The way the love story between Bill and Frank was depicted was not only unique, but it was also heartwarming to see. The love between these two middle-aged men was so palpable and real, it made us believe that anything is possible. The depth of their relationship was explored in a way that was both genuine and touching. It was a refreshing change from the typical dark and depressing storylines that we usually see in this show. The way the relationship evolved over time was so beautifully portrayed, it was impossible not to get invested in the love story of Bill and Frank. Their love was a ray of light in a dark and gloomy world, reminding us that love knows no boundaries, no matter what your age or sexuality may be.


This episode shines with its poignant representation of a mature gay love story. The piano scene with Frank was a highlight and showcased Bill's emotional growth as he vulnerably opens his heart to Frank. This heartwarming moment is sure to be forever remembered.


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As a rugged outdoorsman and prepper, I can relate to Bill's no-nonsense attitude and resourcefulness. Though I may not share his sexual orientation, I admire the way he tackles life head-on, just like a true survivalist should.

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dis episode is straight fire, dawg! The way they blended dem feel-good moments wit da edge-of-ya-seat action, it was a true masterpiece. And the love story between Bill and Frank? Damn, son! It's the real crown jewel of the show. The way they played it out, it was pure genius, you feel me? Nothin' short of straight up impressive, my man!


I cannot tolerate the behavior of those IMDB review bombers. The zombie apocalypse may seem like a fun and entertaining experience, but it becomes less so when the topic of homosexuality is introduced. The way the characters Bill and Frank were introduced in the series made perfect sense, as it gave the audience a deeper understanding of their relationship, which was not provided in the original video game. The only information that was previously known about Bill from the game was that he was gay, and Frank had committed suicide. Players got to play as Bill in the game. It is anticipated that there will be an episode in the future where this aspect of the story will be explored further. The main difference between the series and the game is that Frank is not present in the game, and Bill does not take his own life. Instead, there is only a letter that Frank had written. Despite the focus on relationships, episode three was outstanding


Every episode of 'The last of US' is so intriguing and attached to each other that you will never feel they missed a thing or didn't let a thing go unnoticed and this is how well this is prepared, hats off to the creators.


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I saw homophobic people review bombing this episode but they just made themselves looks bad because the episode is universally loved. They should expect LGBT content because Ellie is a Lesbian.


I saw homophobic people review bombing this episode but they just made themselves looks bad because the episode is universally loved. They should expect LGBT content because Ellie is a Lesbian.
They should expect that but they should get mature to not bombard an episode with negative reviews like that.

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