The Last of Us, Episode 5 Review - Endure and Survive


<p>The experience of watching The Last Of Us thus far has been a bit frustrating. Some episodes have challenged my expectations in wonderful ways, while others have fallen below the designation of prestige television that has been attached to the HBO Max series. The 5th episode continues the trend of pulling me back from the brink of boredom, by delivering an exciting, complicated story with unexpected twists.</p>

Ethan Summers

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I played the original Game and I remember that Sam is not as young on tv. He is almost Ellie's age in the game. He was even hinted to be a possible love interest. We all know Ellie is Gay but that is after the release of the dlc. I remember they decided to make Ellie Lesbian because the actress she is inspired from came out as a lesbian. i am talking about Elliot Paige. During his Juno Days, He looks like Ellie. For sure he wont look like anymore since he came out as trans and now transitions to a man. But yeah they made Ellie lesbian after the game's release after Elliot's coming out.


Yeah they made Sam younger so it will be a brother and sister bond and people will forget about that shipping.


Honestly, I wasn't really feeling this episode. I mean, come on, Henry and Sam's story got rushed into just one episode, which left me feeling like I got ripped off. Those dudes were important to Joel and Ellie, and they deserved more than just one crazy night on the run.

And let's talk about Kathleen and her crew. I don't know about you, but I didn't really care about them. They were way less interesting than the Hunters from the game.


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The relationship between Ellie and Sam was really well-written and acted. It felt genuine and it was the highlight of the episode.
I didn't like how the infected were absent in the previous episode, and I'm glad they made a comeback in this episode. They add an extra layer of tension and danger to the story.

Sandy Rose

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I totally agree! The Last of Us is seriously killing it as a TV show. This latest episode just solidifies how amazing it really is. The writing, acting, and direction are all on point - it's clear they're putting a lot of effort into making this show the best it can be.

And I love how they're adapting the video game into a TV show. They're staying true to the source material, but also making smart changes that work for the medium. Adding in Sam's deafness is a perfect example of that. It just adds another layer to the story and makes it even more interesting. I can't wait to see what they do next!


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I wanted to share my thoughts on the latest episode of the show. While I liked the scene where Kathleen opened up to Perry, I felt like the writers were hitting us over the head a bit in trying to make her seem sympathetic. On the other hand, I thought the performances were amazing! Lamar Johnson and Bella Ramsey were especially great and they really made the characters come alive.

Blaire Courttney

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I am amazed by the detail Joel has of items that belonged to people no longer alive, like Frank's shirt, Brian's knife, the elderly man's sniper rifle and now Henry's backpack. After viewing this episode again, I was astonished. It is so realistic that it is dispiriting in the finale. It is genuinely "I'm not sobbing, you are" for true!


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This episode makes Ellie's decision in the future more sensible. After seeing the different points of view, the senseless revenge and the continuous tragedy, Ellie wanted to stop this ceaselessly vicious cycle, and she did. The most tragic thing I saw was that Sam still couldn't hear Ellie, even after he had been changed. We have seen that it can fix physical issues when the old woman ran at Joel in the first episode. Consequently, Sam was recently changed. It was still him.

This is an interesting discussion topic. What do you think about Ellie's choice to end the cycle and how it was portrayed?


I haven't had the pleasure of playing the game, however, the first season of The Walking Dead comes to mind; it's that good. This episode was so sad, it was almost foretold that in the first few episodes some beloved characters will die. Anna Torv's character was a shining example of that (big love for Fringe). Despite this being a given, it was still heartbreaking to see it happen. It's almost a certainty that some of the good ones will be taken away. That's how it is.


Ellie is my favorite character in The Last of US and I loved their casting as it looks almost perfect so well done to the makers.


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Weird as it may sound but the stunt man who played the role Bloater which is a giant zombie mushroom, Is getting a lot of sexual dms. People are weird,


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Sarah might be a child but she is played by an 19 year old woman, they just pressed her boobs to make her look 12. Sam is played by an actual child.


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A popular game turned into show...there was a lot of speculations when it was to be aired. There were mixed feelings...some felt that a popular game turned into a show might not do the real justice to the original game and can be disastrous. Fans feared that. But then some were hopeful that it might stand up to the expectations as the writing team had the original story writers of games on board. Seems that fear of fans have proved right.

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