The Last of Us, Episode 7 Review


<p>Bella Ramsey has proven herself time and again to be the breakout star of The Last Of Us and wisely the show runners dedicated an entire episode to Ellie’s youthful adventures, which disproves the notion that there can be too much of a good thing.</p>


I remember when the game got released, Ellie have no decided sexuality, People even thought of a possible romance between her and Sam. To the people who never played the game, Ellie and Sam are closer in Age in the game. They decided to make Ellie go Lesbian when on the same year the game got release, Elliot Paige, an actress Ellie was inspired from came out as Lesbian, so they made Ellie gay in the left behind dlc. As a tribute to Elliot. Years later Elliot came out as Trans an transitions to become a man.


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I am overplaying "I got you Babe" by Etta James after watching this episode. I am glad they made the change of Ellie being able to play videogames because in the game, she just imagined because the Arcade machines are broken.


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As a lesbian,I am so happy to see an innocent and non sexualized version of Lesbian romance on tv. I am so tired of being treated like a fetish by media. Ellie and Riley's romance is so pure and innocent.
I must say, Ellie's reaction upon seeing her own bite is simply extraordinary and terrifying. The fear, anger, panic, and desperate attempt to remove it from oneself felt all too real, even though we are aware of her immunity. As a devoted admirer of the games, I confess that I was initially skeptical when the TLOU TV series was first revealed... But goodness gracious! They have gone above and beyond, sparing no expense, holding nothing back, and creating a magnificent spectacle. I can now confidently declare that I fully embrace Bella and Pedro's interpretation of the characters and cannot fathom anyone else playing these roles. I am absolutely thrilled that this show has come to fruition!


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The conclusion stood out to me the most, as it depicted Ellie's decision to stand by Joel and his subsequent display of gratitude through holding her hand. The writing was exceptional in its execution.


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Bella Ramsey, she's a real standout in The Last of Us. And let me tell you, it was a real pleasure to see Ellie, her character, have her own episode.I gotta give it up for the nod to nostalgia too. Seeing Ellie use a Walkman and jamming out to 80s pop music, it just brings back memories.But what really got me was the dynamic between Ellie and Riley. That conflict of their different beliefs, it was handled real well. It added a depth to the story that I really appreciated.

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Although I enjoyed the episode, I felt that the romantic relationship between Ellie and Riley seemed forced and not as authentic as it was in the game. On the other hand, I must say that the set design team did an outstanding job with the abandoned mall location. The commentary on modern commercialism and the nostalgia factor was also very well done and added a subtle layer to the episode. Finally, the action in the Spirit Halloween store was executed very well and kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat throughout the scene.


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The romance between Ellie and Riley felt force because both actresses are straight.


I agree that the romance between Ellie and Riley may feel sudden or forced to some viewers who are not familiar with the source material. However, it's important to remember that this romantic aspect of their relationship has been present in the original game, and it's a key part of Ellie's character development.As a result, including this element in the show is a faithful representation of the source material, and it helps to deepen Ellie's emotional journey throughout the story. It's not uncommon for adaptations to take liberties with the source material, but in this case, the showrunners have remained true to the original story.Additionally, the relationship between Ellie and Riley is not the sole focus of the episode, as it's also a story of two friends going on a final adventure together. So while the romance may be an important aspect of their relationship, it's not the only thing that makes their bond so special.


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Can't believe there is only two episodes left. I hope Season 2 will not be about Part 2 but some kind of prequel to it because I want to see more Joel.

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