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That's quite a long shot Chubby... If they do that, then we'd get Shotaro and Philip as well as Tsukasa... :thumbs:

Vox Age

Gonna take the liberty of translating what I can make out from the list...keep in mind some of the weird ones are romanizations I didn't know as I'm not familiar with that character.

1.) Utopia Dopant
2.) Kamen Rider Kaixa (I think.)
3.) Kamen Rider Abyss (Yes please.)
4.) Rockman X Ultimate Armor (This would be D-Arts. Silly Japanese.)
5.) Something in Kanji I can't read.
6.) (Abstructed by the asshole H.)
7.) Alphonse Elric (I never thought of this. Bandai make it happen. Please.)
8.) Rockman Zero
9.) Cobra (...GI Joe?)
10.) Bat Fangire
11.) Ku-suta- Gai (The - are things I can't see due to asshole G)
12.) ZO
13.) Tekkaman Blade
14.) Tekkaman Evil
15.) Akaren-yaa (Character got killed by the asshole A)
16.) Gasshi (Who?)
17.) Janbaason (Who?)
18.) Kamen Rider -------------ibaa Form. (I'll figure this one out.)
20.) Kamen Rider Den-O Chou Climax Form

I'm not gonna translate the Zeroes, since most of them are either in Kanji, or some Katakana I can't romanize properly because I don't know any of the characters. At first glance I don't see any Rider stuff in there.
Edit - silly me.

Guts and Janperson. Cobra is the blonde guy in red tights and an awesome hand gun. Who's also always surrounded by women.

Edit - Kamen Rider Gatack Hyper Form.
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All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
SHF Guard Chaser




Shishioh revew of KR Eternal
coming from a faiz fan (SHF)

Kaixa, Delta Orga Psyga

wish list:

Den-o liner and the rest of the forms, hibiki - and everyone else. Ryuki and rest. blade, leangle, chalice garren


IIRC your location... are you speaking of Toys2 and FantasyBox at First Markham Place?

Which one buys from AmiAmi to re-sell? :O_O:

Agreed. I can get 2-3 Figuarts myself for their price of one. :redface2: But obviously, their target and ideal customers are not us -- but those who do not have the means to buy things themselves and/or do not know the true cost of the items they're buying.

While I would be sad if one day these shops closed down, I'd have to agree... stuff like "customer loyalty" and "supporting your local shops" is BS to me as well. Money speaks for itself and if you can get 2-3 figures yourself instead of just one from them, so be it. I'll send my money straight to Japan. =/

Fantasy Box orders almost everything they have from AmiAmi, like those $80 + figurines, gashapons, smaller figurine box sets, figmas and other items, then they charge a hefty price for them. The owner's a really nice lady though, its just that for their pricing, I would only go there as a last resort, since I can order almost everything myself via A.A. or HLJ.

Toys 2 has alot of selection, and they're the ones with all the Figuarts. They're usually $15-$20 more than the price that you order from online stores, and the only cheap figuart that the guy sold was Skull.....@ $50.... =_+ I Heard the owner used to give deals to ppl, but after his wife complained alot he sorta stopped, which sucks if you're an loyal customer who's been going for like over 10 years >.<

I know theres customs and other taxes as well, but this is just horrendous. I bought my DX Lost Driver @ F.B., and the lady gave me a discount from $120 CAD to $90 CAD, which is a great deal and I thank her for it...... but then a few weeks later AmiAmi lists up L.D. and Skull magnum, with L.D. being only $42 ish ....... or whatever 3500 yen translates into back in October, and I was like ....... = O = ......oh em gee.....

But yes onto MY wishlist ~~

1) ABYSS !!! hells f#$%ing YEAH !!!! (maybe even Abysslassher and the other shark monster)
2) Kivala - with the effect wings, even if they just repainted hyper kabuto's I wouldn't mind.
3) Negataros Imagin !
4) Apollo Geist (DCD ver.)
5) Chlaice, WILD Chalice, Missing Ace Riders, and JOKER + Albino Joker !! yes the original Joker b4 Shotaro stole his name and Uva took his looks =P King Blade of course but I don't need to point that out ~
6) All faiz riders ? even Riotroopers plz ~ and the 3 orphenoc trio; Kiba and his gang, or even Lucky Clover, ESPECIALLY Mr. J !!
7) Hibiki and his band, even the 5 movie riders ~ and "Shuki" lol ~
8) Masked form for the other Kabuto guys, especiall Sasword !
9) even though I"m not a big fan of Den-O, a Teddy to go with Strike form would be nice ~
10) All the Ryuki Riders of course :coolshades: even Alternative, Alt. Zero, Ryuga Survive, Raia Survive, the rider that Tezuka's frd coulda became... basically all the cool "what-ifs", like Cyclone Accel Extreme ~

Not trying to add too much to the list, but for Kaijins I would like to see Fangire King (1986), Scorpion Worm along with those other purple dudes that can stop time, or even Mashima (forgot his name) 's worm form. Some of the higer ranking undeads from Blade as well ?

And just for lawls, they should release a V-1 :laugh:
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