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  • Hey man, just dropping you a message to say hey. I posted a comment about your recent pics.
    "What the hell Musashi? Stop posting pics of your handsome self in exotic locations. After looking at those, nobodies gonna want to see my pics of me laying on the couch with cheeto dust on my face."
    Apparently it wasn't obvious it was a joke. So I just wanted to clarify that I'm not somehow mad at you for being handsome and posting cool pics. I also don't take pics of myself eating cheetos on the couch.
    Hi, thanks for the solution that you gave me last time (You already told me to relax IF it happens all the time in HJU).

    Probably I thought about last episodes of Tiger & Bunny too much even though it ends with a cliffhanger. As well as those idiots on HJU who couldn't handle my opinions of Fourze/Gokaiger recently. Maybe I should take a short walk.
    Dude, piece of advice... Relax.

    Yeah, I should be. I speak my mind when I want but everybody thinks that I'm immoral/stupid.

    This is just plain inexcusable... :disappoin Excuse me, but no offense.

    Anyway, I hope you've seen the last eps of Tiger & Bunny.
    You know what, Musashi03?

    many of the HJU members can't take my constructive criticism as I've been posted about it especially Tiger & Bunny which I've been over-emotional about what I just saw. I mean some people didn't really re-checked my post correctly until it flooded with some pointless posts referring towards my actions NO matter my thoughts & opinions (Gokai, Fourze, several animes) even my several mistakes & nitpicking (I mean posts which I already re-edited) that I've made around HJU. I'm not just a flaming troll, I have my reasons.

    Hope it won't happen again next time. I'm NOT gonna repeat myself & started to feel hatred towards them & began a flame war all because of me otherwise I'll be damned.
    whats good, Musashi? you might have seen me around, I saw your unmasked and saw your pics of marathons, that's whats up. I am a martial artist myself. Wanna know a secret? I am gonna be in the black belt hall of fame one day.^^ So do you keep compete hardcore???
    Ooo that's cool. My uncle actually wants me to visit before I head to Japan. It'd make my flight shorter kinda, haha. If I did that maybe we could meet there? XDDD San Jose is around an hour away from there. hahaha
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