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since the old one is gone, continue here I guess!
I was hoping to get some links I had in there, but oh well...

Guess I should've added [TALK] to both threads...my bad, this is why I don't make threads. Can a mod change it?

Adding -
S.H. Figuarts debuted in 2008 as Bandai's attempt to make a line of figures that featured high posability and detailing. Interpreted as either "Souchaku Henshin Figure Arts" or "Simple style and Heroic action Figure Arts" the line concentrates heavily on the Kamen Rider Series, as it is a spiritual successor to the highly popular Souchaku Henshin (Armour Trans) Series.

To date, while the majority of figures comes from the Kamen Rider franchise, the line has expanded to include Dragon Ball Kai, Precure, Apocalypse Zero, with possible future installments from the Super Sentai Series, One Piece, and Digital Monsters (Digimon).

This site here has a pretty accurate checklist of current normal and exclusive releases:

I also know someone had a pretty handy list of online sites where you could purchase S.H. Figuarts figures from, but i'll update that when i find it.

Sites to get Figuarts:

{Middleman EX_Japan} - http://www.yokattaweb.com
Okinawam1978's thread {Middleman} http://hobbyjapan.ocnk.net/
Riderproxy - Middleman woman will help you get what you need, in the same affect of EX or Oki
Hobby Search (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/)

Review sites:


- Checklist -

Toybox wiki[/QUOTE]

Info for the Limited Edition Figuarts stands for IXA, Hopper Brothers
●その命、神に返しなさい (Return your life to God)

●俺に逆らうな!俺は常に正しい!(Do not defy me!! I am always correct!)

●俺を誰だか知らないのか!?俺は名護だぞ!! (Don't you know who I am!? I am Nago!!)

●聞こえないな、もっと大きな声で言いなさい (I did not hear that, please say it again in a louder voice)


1. Do you want to fall to hell with me? Become my little brother.
2. We are residents of darkness! Forsake the light!
3. Did you.. just laugh at me?
4. You're lucky... unlike someone like me..

2.「いいなぁ あの犬 褒められてる」

1. The worst is the best
2. Ahh, I envy that dog...
3. That's me... I've also been smashed to pieces...
4. The sun... is polluted..

Decade Fury Form/Violent Emotion
ディディディディディケイド !!

Final Attack Ride Decade
Final AttackRide
di di di di DECADE!!


"Kore ga shinno kyoufu da!! - This is true terror!!"
I think Ryubei said that in the series when he makes Shotaro all scared and unable to transform.


Google translate shows - I fear this is true !!

You can also interpret it as - This is sheer Terror!!
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Anymore places to buy Figuarts? idk since I do all my business with the wonderful middleman and Middlewoman we have here.

also any review sites?


I hate when that happens, but like they said it was getting rather large. Anyway on with the show, as they say.

I cant wait for Gills to come out next month. But the 3150 yen price that Ive seen seems high but totaly worth it considering all the excessories it is supposed to come with.

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They were getting big, but there's a difference between locking a giant thread and perhaps removing it later, and it disappearing without notice. However this happened, I hope it can be reversed at least long enough to grab any useful links. It can be removed if it's a strain after that.

The Japanese prices, especially AmiAmi's 2180 yen, make purchasing Gills so much more palatable. And he's only a couple times more expensive than what I paid for my old (and sold) SH version, but infinitely better. I can't wait.

Took me a while to notice though, that I have nothing on order for March! I'd canceled my HLJ Early Birds a while back and totally forgot to place new orders at AmiAmi as intended. I guess this month will be my break, since I shouldn't have to rush for Heat Metal and Luna Trigger.

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I'm still kinda on the fence about Heat Metal and Luna Trigger.

Thing is, if I get them I'd have to get the sets too for the add on accessories...but I don't I dunno, I don't wanna get too many doubles of Double.

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Already in the top post.

I don't have that issue, at least for now. My Cyclone and Heat sets are already on order next month, assuming they're released. I don't have a reason to skip them outright... but a break for a while isn't going to hurt the way it would if I tried that with IXA or some exclusive I wanted.


I missed out on Ixa and have been kicking myself. Im glad they are rleasing Decade Fury/Passion cause I really want a Decade as well, so that makes me hope they will re-release Ixa.

Im hoping I have enough for Skull when he comes out if not....is crying an exceptable option?

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Here's teh list again

Souchaku Henshin Kiva
Punch Hop First Release
Kick Hop First release
Decade Complete Form

On hold w/Yokkata Shipping:
Double Cyclone Joker
Rising Ultimate Kuuga Dark Eyes version

One pre order:
Rising IXA
Decade Fury version
Ultimate Kuuga
Double Fang Joker

Want to get:
Rising Mighty Kuuga
Agito Trinity
Black RX
The Apocalypse Zero dude

On the fense:
precure Eas
Heat Metal
Luna Trigger
The Form Sets

I keep forgetting I have Fang Joker on pre order.


I too have nothing on order this month. Just rubbing my hands in anticipation for the Black/RX bikes.

I'm not familiar with the way exclusives work as I haven't paid much attention to them in the past, but do they usually announce new ones as soon as an existing one expires?

Seeing as Skull finishes taking pre-orders on Monday, I'm curious. I plan on pre-ordering Kuuga Growing Form, but I'd rather do it all in one go if something new is to come up in the next few days.


I think Hong Kong. EMP has been to their store I think.

I see....hmm, some of their Figuarts for sale are listed twice. What a mess :sweat:

They do have the Final Attack Ride campaign stand for preorder though. How come other places don't have it?
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