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  • Well I sent her a PM and payment so she must be busy. But she'll probably get back to me tomorrow about it. You can wait till then to pay if you wish.
    Alright I'll pm her about it now. Once she okays it I'll send it through and ask you to send your half.
    Yeah alright when I'm sure I'm ready I'll tell ya. but expect another message hopefully friday.
    Oh as an update I should be ready for sure within a week. a purchase I was gonna make this week was avoided. Just tell me when you're ready.
    Yeah I think we still have plenty of time so long as we pay in full. The supplies are limited but it does seem it won't sell it very soon.
    Hopefully I'll have the money by next week or so and I definitely feel that price is fair. Mind waiting about ten days or so? Hopefully I'll have it.
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